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Cold storage for corpses opening front Technical data Group power Basic configuration Cold storage for corpses 6-seater front opening Dimensions lcm270xpcm230xhcm180 + cm40 chiller monoblock, doors lcm70x60, operating temperature of -3 °/ + 4 °, panels SP / cm7 polyurethane high pressure ISO3582 without FC, thermal conductivity 0,015Kcal / mh ° C. Power supply 230/1 / 60HZ, power 1000 Watt cooling capacity 600W -3°/ + 4 °, temperature range 0 °, electronic display cell functions and management parameters. Coating internal/external sheet of stainless steel AISI 304, adjustable feet, steel rollers to support stretchers, stretchers n6 lcm200xpcm60 steel edging, n6 doors with lock. Coating internal / external sheet zincoplast white, drain water wash, locks with keys, badges steel supports for coffins, n3 single doors, refrigeration system to -20 °, available with different temperatures. Conforme normativa CE Via Viberti, 4 10141 Torino TO Tel. +39011720085 Fax. +39011728870 Subject to change without notice the technical characteristics of the products shown. All rights reserved. COMFIT Ltd. 05/2014

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