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Chlorination plant wastewater cadaverous Technical data Chlorination plant wastewater cadaverous, arising from the investigation in autopsy ,services anatomy, forensic medicine, anatomy institutes. For the removal of any biohazard in the sewage before entry into the sewage system, in order to inactivate the charge residual bacterial. Ensures the containment of sewage to be treated, controlled release oxidant, the controlled oxidation of the slurry, and the controlled release of the same at the end of treatment. The plant is built on specific customer requirements. Conforming normative CE,73/23 CEE 89/336, EEC-CEI EN 61010 COMFIT srl Via Viberti, 4 10141 Torino TO - Italy Tel. +39011720085 Fax. +39011728870 Subject to change without notice the technical characteristics of the products shown. All rights reserved. COMFIT srl, 05/2014 Aria nuova in laboratorio...

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