CT1/L Body Transport Trolley


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Body transport trolleys CT1/L plan leans corpse smooth CT1/V plan leans corpse to basin CT 1/L Major Specifications Entirely in steel inox AISI 304 glazed finish, structure in tubular measurements mm 40x40 sp/mm 1,5, dimensions lcm200xpcm70xhcm90. Plan leans in steel inox AISI 304 glazed finish: CT1/L plan leans corpse smooth. CT1/V plan leans corpse with edging perimetric hcm 1,5, with unloaded sewages, support for container picked up sewages set on the crossroad of base (container not furnished), endowed with n4 swivel-wheels diam/mm 125,n2 endowed with brake. expeditious disassembled in box of cardboard COMFIT srl Via Viberti, 4 10141 Torino TO T. 011 720085 - F.011 728870 comfit@tiscali.it www.comfit.org Subject to change without notice the technical characteristics of the products shown. All rights reserved. COMFIT sas, 05/2014 Aria nuova in laboratorio...

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