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Mobile inox with sinks and drawers Technical data Basic configuration Accessories Size Lcm300xpcm60/70xhcm85 stainless steel AISI 304 satin finish, backsplash of n3 hcm8 sides, pouring rim front hcm1,5, resting feet adjustable stainless. Number 2 sinks with mixer dim.lcm40xpcm40 ac/af-lever, n1 mobile sink sliding lcm120, n1 lcm50 dresser with 4 drawers, n1 mobile sliding lcm130 Cabinets with sliding doors/swing, paneled dresser key, key on furniture, wainscot covering feet support, emergency eyewash shower. COMFIT srl Via Viberti, 4 10141 Torino TO Tel. +39 011720085 Fax. +39011728870 Subject to change without notice the technical characteristics of the products shown. All rights reserved. COMFIT sas, 05/2014 Aria nuova in laboratorio...

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