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Stainless steel cabinet with swing doors COM – WD100 Major Specifications Cabinet stainless steel AISI 304 satin finish. Dimension Lcm60xpcm50xhcm170. number 1 swing doors Lcm80xpcm50xhcm170. Lcm100xpcm50xhcm170. Lcm120xpcm50xhcm170. Lcm60xpcm70xhcm200. number 1 swing doors Lcm80xpcm70xhcm200. Lcm100xpcm70xhcm200. Lcm120xpcm70xhcm200. Basic configuration The cabinet is shipped assembled in cardboard box, or packaging of bubble wrap. Number 3 shelves on rack. Adjustable stainless steel feet. Closing with number 2 swing doors. Capacity Kg 110 for shelves. Ready for wall mounting. Special productions on request. Lock and key. Closed plinth. Wood filled door. Overhanging roof. Subject to change without notice the technical characteristics of the products shown. All rights reserved. COMFIT srl, 08/2015 Aria nuova in laboratorio...

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