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Stokes Size Reduction Equipment Model 44-0 Tornado Mill Fast, Simple Cleaning: Entire working section and blade onds, cleaned thoroughly special tools needed. Stainless Steel Contact Parts ensure maximum cleanliness and corrosion resistance; which contributes to long service life. Minimum Maintenance: The spin- Granulates, pulver- blends. Processes materials efficiently, vides improved spindle bearing liquid/solid seals with provisions Proven Performance in processing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics, powder met- als, pigments, food products and many other materials. High-effi- ciency design boosts production. Product Uniformity through 360° screen, plus easy changeover to exact number of blades required. Product particles are expelled when desired size is reached; fines are held to a minimum. High Production Capacity: rate that often exceeds that of other size reduction equipment with comparable horsepower. cation of bearing. Extends life of bearing, minimiz- The Tornado Mill provides a choice of variable speeds, num- ber of blades along with a wide choice of perforated plates or wire screens for maximum operat- Some of the many successful applications possible with the Tornado Mill will further demon- Granulating: Friable materials can be processed with consistent unifor- mity. The full 360° Tornado Mill screen practically eliminates over working and development of fines. Heat-sensitive materials, contain- Briquetted materials are ordinarily difficult to process without devel- oping considerable fines, the Tornado Mill reduces such materi- als efficiently with a minimum of Pulverizing: The Tornado Mill can high capacity, and is easy to clean. It controls particle size more positively than many other types of pulverizing mills. Dispersing: Smooth, even disper- sions are obtained by running tumbled materials through the Tornado Mill at high speed cles are broken up and dispersed and the resulting mixture is usually free from specks and streaks. Typical examples: pigments; food colors, insoluble dyes containing starch; sugar; cement and other materials; liquid dispersions such and emulsions stabilized with Scrap Recovery: Tornado mills used for scrap recovery give users the added economy of recycling. Examples include rejected phar- maceutical tablets, plastic scraps bakery products, and presintered powdered metal parts. Many other materials can also be reprocessed in Tornado mills. STOKES-MERRILL CORPORATION

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Model 44-0 and 44-1 Granulator - 2

Stokes Size Reduction Equipment Model 44-0 Tornado Mill DIRECT COMPARISON DEMONSTRATES (Usable material delivered per hour by Model 44-0 TORNADO Mill)* Friable Material Required product: 100% through 16 mesh Required product: 100% through 4 mesh Heat Sensitive Material Required product: 100% through 40 mesh Required product: 100% through 14 mesh Rotor diameter Multi step Pulley Drive Number of knives (blades) Power requirements (volts) Shipping weight (lb. approx.^ Floor space (sq.ft. Specifications subject to change without notice. STOKES-MERRILL CORPORATION

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