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Mini Centrifuges - 1

• COMBI-Rotor for tubes and strips • Twice the capacity of most mini centrifuges • Near silent operation • Starts and stops with closing/opening of the lid • Conserves valuable bench space FEATURES: ❖ Fixed RPM Mini Centrifuges ❖ Suitable Rotors for 0.2 ml, 1.5/2.0ml., 5ml. Tubes and PCR Strips / Tubes ❖ Conserves Valuable Bench Space ❖ Near Silent Operation ❖ CE Marked product • Instant rotor attachment • Storage compartment for PCR rotor and 0.5ml adapters • Decelerates in just 1 second • Supplied alongwith Eight position microtube rotor and Four position PCR strip rotor STRIP CENTRIFUGE (Part No. MPSR-12) Unique rotor holds 12 position PCR strips "Mini" sized, less than 6 inches wide Near silent operation Starts and stops with closing/opening of the lid PLATE PERSONAL CENTRIFUGE (Part No. PPC) • Quickly spins down droplets in PCR plates • Unique rotor design prevents samples spillage (patent pending) • Accepts all popular PCR plates (skirted, semi, and non) and most microtiter plates • Less than half the size of traditional centrifuges

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Mini Centrifuges - 2

FEATURES: ❖ Intuitive touch screen control ❖ Program wizard quick, easy & foolproof ❖ Unique multi-format block • 0.2ml tubes or strips (96) • 0.5ml tubes (39) • 96 well plate (1) With the multi-format block, there is no need for the expense of multiple interchangeable blocks. The thermal cycler has the flexibility to accept 96 x 0.2ml tubes, a 96 well plate or 39 x 0.5ml tubes all in the same sample block. Additionally, the unit may be purchased with a 384 well sample block. CE Marked product DESCRIPTION: Connscience Thermal Cycler provides consistent, reliable results for laboratories...

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