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Latest new products presented at Medica - 2

The introduction of contec BRIEF INTRODUCTION Contec Medical Systems focusing on research,manufacture and distribution of medical instruments,was founded in 1992 as a high-tech company. At present there are more than 1200 employees in our company. Our product line covers a wide range of 13 categories.Most of the domestic hospitals are our customers. Today,we have established a modern scientific and effective manufacture system and management system. The researching team endeavors to enhance the quality and competitive edge of the products. We have passed ISO 9000 and some of our products...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 3

“Use Our Source to Build your Value” Your True Partner Contec Medical Systems Contec Medical Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) based in China. Contec Medical was originally founded in 1992 and is now capable of produce large quantity medical equipment in its newly built 32,000 square meters state-ofart facilities. Our products have been distributed to over 80 countries and regions and Contec Medical brand has become one of the most recognized brands in the industry. As an original equipment manufacturer, we not only sell our branded products but also offer medical...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 6

PATIENT MONITOR CMS9000 Multi-parameter Monitor Features: ■ Color TFT Screen, waveform up to 8 channels ■ Light and portable with built-in rechargeable battery ■ Up to 10 kinds of monitor parameters ■ Arrhythmia analysis, pace-marker detection and S-T Segment analysis ■ 72 hour storage and review of trend grams and tables, 40 second review of holographic waveforms. ■ Built-in recorder(option) ■ All-round monitor of adult ,pediatric and neonatal. ■ Electrosurgical unit and defibrillation protected ■ Standard parameters: ECG, NIBP, SPO2, Respiration, Temperature, Pulse rate ■ Options: EtCO2,...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 7

Patient Monitor ■ Arrythmia analysis and S-T segment analysis. ■ Accuracy: ±3 bpm NIBP ■ Method: Oscillometry ■ Mode: Manual/Auto/Contiuous ■ Measurement Range:25 ~ 260mmHg Temperature: ■ Measurement Range: 0 ~ 50℃ ■ Resolution: 0.1℃ ■ Dimension: 365 x 150 x 340mm ■ Net wight: 4KG Options: ■ Parameters: 12 lead ECG, Dual-IBP, EtCO2, Termal Recorder ■ Navigating options: mouse, keyboard. ■ Other options: Wireless LAN. Specifications: ECG ■ Lead mode: 3-lead or 5-lead ■ HR range: 15 ~ 300 bpm ■ Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%, which is greater Respiration ■ Measurement Range: 0 ~ 120 ■ Apnea alarm...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 8

■PATIENT MONITOR CMS7000 CMS7000 Multi-parameter Patient Monitor is of high price/performance ratio, high security and low consumption of power. In order to insure the quality and reduce the risks may occurr in the operating process, it adopts the technology of full isolation floating, ECG anti-defibrillation protection, ECG Anti-highfrequency Interference, and NIBP Dual Over pressure Protection to prevent the damage caused by single problem, so it makes this product safe and efficient. Multi-parameter Monitor Features: ■ 12.1" High brightness TFT LCD display ■ Portable , streamline handle...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 9

Vital signs monitor Features: ■ 7" TFT, touch screen, led backlight , 800x480 pixels. ■ Vistual and Audio alarms, adjustable. ■ Patient managment, name and age and id. ■ Network with Central Station Software ■ Audio volume ajustable form 1 ~ 8 level. ■ Multi-language options: Germany, France, Italian, Turkey, etc ■ Built-in removable and rechargeable lithium battery ■ UI with both Keypad and and Touch Screen operation. ■ Memory: Built-in memory or miniSD Memory card. Store more than 1000 pieces of archive ■ Powerful data storage and managment, Trend graph, Trend table, etc. ■ Arrythmia...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 10

■PATIENT MONITOR CMS5100 Specifications: NIBP ■ Method:Oscillometry. ■ Mode:Manual/Auto/Continuous. ■ Measurement Range:25260mmHg. ■ Resolution:1mmHg. ■ NIBP Accuracy:±5mmHg. ■ Alarm:Systolic/Diastolic/Map. Patient Monitor Features: ■ Suitable for adult,pediatric and neonatal patient. ■ 2.8" Hight brightness TFT LCD display. ■ High brightness LED display of NIBP,SpO2 and pulse rate. ■ Memory:Built-in Flash Memory. ■ Up to 2000 groups NIBP data storage and SpO2 data up to 48 hours. ■ Powerful data storage and managment,Trend table. ■ Visual and Audio alarms,adjustable. ■ Audio volume...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 11

Remote ECG Monitor Features: ■ Quick and accurate analysis system ■ Design on tultra-thin concept,tiny and convenient,easy to wear. ■ 2.8 inch TFT touch screen,240X320 resolution ■ Real time waveform display,record review and event sign function. ■ Storing data with embedded TF card,the maximum capacitance up to 2GB ■ High speed USB2.0 interface, uploading the ECG data to remote server via PC- based software. ■ Built-in high precision sensor to check patient's movement such as running ,laying and falling ,etc Specifications: ■ Lead mode7-lead ■ Sampling rate200 sampling/sec ■ Sampling...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 12

■PATIENT MONITOR PM-60B Handheld ECG Monitor Features: ■5 Leads 7 channel ECG ■Data Graph and Trend Table Review ■Alarm Event Review ■ST segment detection ■Arrhythmia analysis ■Freeze and review ■Convenient operation by touch screen ■13 arrhythmia classification and 2-channel ST segment analysis ■Large SD card memory for more than 2000 patient cases storage ■Sync with PC based Software(WinXP and WinVista) ■Battery:Built-in Li-Polymer, 2 hours for charging, 4 hours for continuous working. ■Trend Graph:Resolution from 1s, 5s, 10s. Maximum time 96 hours. Technical specifications: ■Safety: Meet...

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Latest new products presented at Medica - 13

Handheld Patient Monitor ■Routine Check Mode and Continuous Monitoring ■Data Graph and Trend Table Review ■Rich Analysis Report ■Perfect Mount Solution ■ Convenient operation by touch screen ■Large SD card memory for more than 2000 patient cases ■ Sync with PC based Software (WmXP and Win Vista) Performance Specifications: ■Display Mode:Standard face, Waveform face, SP02 view, ECG view, BigNum view I Indicator :Power indicator light, Alarm sound, Pulse tone ■ lnterface:One dual-purpose socket for connecting sen sors and communication cables ■Battery:Built-in Li-Polymer, 2 hours for...

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