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Model 60-PVN and 72-PVN - 1

NOURISHMENT/MEDICINE CENTER • Stainless Steel Construction • Deck-Type Faucet • Instant Hot Water Dispenser • Narcotics/Hypnotics Locker with Adjustable Shelves and Locking Doors with Red Warning Light • Storage Compartment • Paper Towel and Cup Dispensers • Fluorescent Lighting • Electrical Receptacle • 24 Compartment Card Rack • Utility Drawers ment/Medicine Centers shall be con- structed of Type 304 stainless steel with No. 4 finish. Dimensions of units shall be28" (711 mm) deep x either Counter top shall be full width with stamped sink welded in top. Welds shall be ground and polished to match top as one-piece construction. Unit shall be supplied with stainless steel crumb strainer for sink, com- bination hot and cold swivel deck- type faucet, and soap dispenserthat can be refilled from top. Instant-hot water dispenser shall supply 60 cups Narcotics/Hypnotics Locker Narcotics/hypnotics locker shall pro- vide 2,200 cu. in. (39 liter) capacity with four adjustable shelves and two locking doors having different keys. Insertion of key in outer lock shall automatically light red warning signal that remains "on" until the locker is secured and keys removed. Two self-defrosting refrigerators shall be provided in each unit, completely insulated with foamed-in-place ure- (113 liter) unit for biologicals, and other, 6.0 cu. ft. (170 liter) unit for nourishments. Each Nourishment/ Medicine Center shall contain 1/3 hp condensing unit charged with en- vironmentally safe refrigerant (con- taining no CFCs) (5-year warranty Waste Compartment Waste compartment shall be located under sink and enclosed by hinged Open section above counter shall contain interchangeable step ortray shelves for medicine storage. Adja- cent closed section shall contain three adjustable shelves for storing nourish- Paper Towel and Cup Dispensers Towel and cup dispensers shall be provided, towel dispenser being located beneath top storage compart- mentand cup dispensers on inside left-hand and right-hand walls of unit. (Continued on back page) CONTINENTAL METAL PRODUCTS CO., INC/P.O. BOX 2295, M35 OLYMPIA AVENUE, WOBURN, MA 01888 PHONE (781) 935-4400 FAX (781) 935-4404 • • email address

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Model 60-PVN and 72-PVN - 2

Sink with Water Faucet Combination Narcotics with Adjustable Utility Drawer with Lock Narcotics/Hypnotics Cabinet Warning Light Storage Dispensing Liquid Soap Water Dispenser

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Model 60-PVN and 72-PVN - 4

Model 60-PVN and 72-PVN NOURISHMENT/MEDICINE CENTER Sanitary Icemaker and Storage/ Icemaker shall be self-cleaning and capacity bin shall be included for in bin shall be agitated automatically Bin shall be constructed of molded gel-coat with urethanefoam insula- tion sealed with vinyl coating, and shall have removable cover. Dis- pensing of ice shall occur by pushing button on front panel. Compressor for icemaker, warranted for 5 years, shall condensing unit charged with Freon 12 refrigerant. Access to and servic- ing of both icemaker and bin shall be easily accomplished by removing front...

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