Accurately dilate salivary duct strictures. - 2 Pages

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Accurately dilate salivary duct strictures.

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Advance' SALIVARY DUCT BALLOON CATHETER SET High pressure Leveraging Cook Medical's proven balloon technology, the Advance Salivary Duct Balloon Catheter is our first high-pressure balloon dedicated to salivary duct intervention. Dependable dilation The strong nylon balloon with its multiple sizes delivers dependable and precise dilation of the salivary duct stenosis. Versatile A hydrophilic-coated catheter placed over a wire guide provides easy access to the stricture under direct vision or ultrasound imaging. COOK* MEDICAL

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Advance* SALIVARY DUCT BALLOON CATHETER SET The Advance Salivary Duct Balloon Catheter is a hydrophilic-coated balloon catheter intended for the dilation of lesions and strictures in the submandibular and parotid salivary ducts. The balloon is constructed of an extra-thin wall, high-strength, minimally compliant material that is intended for use with sialendoscopic visualization in submandibular salivary ducts or with ultrasound imaging in parotid or submandibular salivary ducts. The Advance Salivary Duct Balloon Catheter Set includes a single catheter and 0.014 inch diameter wire guide....

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