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Access redefined. MAJOR THAN * T I TO R S COMPE

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Balancing pushability and flexibility. Your procedural goals are the same every single day: Simple reliable access in all your ERCP procedures. Whether you are facing a routine ERCP or the most challenging, complex procedures, the Acrobat 2 Wire Guide is the go-to wire that redefines access by providing the optimal combination of tip flexibility and enhanced pushability for everyday, reliable performance. Atraumatic tip design Flexible, calibrated spring-coil tip engineered for gentle contact with the delicate tissue of the pancreaticobiliary anatomy Platinum spring coil for fluoroscopic...

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1:1 Torqueability The Acrobat 2—available in both straight and angled tip versions—gives you 1:1 torqueability for precise wire guide rotation when needed for selective cannulation and navigation of the ducts. Larger nitinol core for a 29% improvement in wire guide pushability over the original Acrobat .035” wire guide Visualize position and movement Mark V System® provides high-contrast visualization of movement and depth of inser

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Inspiring confidence every day. Everything about the Acrobat 2 is designed to deliver confident performance. From its flexible, platinum spring-coil tip and enhanced pushability to its 1:1 torqueability and innovative Mark V System, it all adds up to a wire guide that can give you confidence during all your ERCP procedures.

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Applying IR access technology to an ERCP wire guide. Tip flexibility is key to achieving access. That’s why we took our cue from Cook’s pioneering role in interventional radiology (IR). By tailoring that expertise specifically for ERCP, we created one of the most flexible tipped wire guides on the market. That means that you get the same access performance that interventional radiologists have relied on for over fifty years. In fact, the Acrobat 2 has at least 35% greater tip flexibility than the 8 major wire guides tested.* Acrobat 2 tip-load test At least 35% greater tip flexibility 1 cm...

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Product Specifications Used to assist in cannulation of the biliary and pancreatic ducts and to aid in bridging difficult strictures during ERCP. Supplied sterile and is disposable - intended for single use only. Hydrophilic Wire Guide Wire Guide Radiopaque Coating Order Reference Diameter Length Tip Length Length Tip Number Part Number inch cm cm cm Shape May be left in place during sphincterotomy. Caution: Not for use with metal tip devices. Some products or part numbers may not be available in all markets. Contact your local Cook representative or...

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