Acrobat™ Calibrated Tip Wire Guide - 6 Pages

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Acrobat™ Calibrated Tip Wire Guide

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Interventional Radiology access now for ERCP The same performance that sets the standard for wire guide access in interventional radiology is now available for ERCP. We tailored interventional radiology technology specifically for ERCP wire guide access. With one of the most flexible tips on the market, Acrobat gives you the same Cook-pioneered technology that interventionalists rely on everyday for difficult selective and superselective vascular access.

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Performance you can measure The only sure way to prove wire guide tip flexibility is to measure it. That’s what we did, and Acrobat performed superbly. It is so flexible that it required the least amount of gram-force to initiate an alpha loop 1 cm from the distal tip. So now, whether you’re cannulating or traversing difficult strictures, the Acrobat Calibrated Tip wire guide can be your everyday wire guide that performs like a specialty wire. Gram Force Gram Force 0 Competitor B Competitor B Competitor C Competitor A (10 cm Tip) (Hydrophilic) (5 cm Tip) 25 cm hydrophilic coating provides...

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Back-loading indicator allows smooth transition to next device of choice Spring-coil design for one of the most flexible tips on the market, helping you gain access and navigate difficult strictures Endoscopic markings indicate wire guide movement and allows measurement using the Mark V System Fluoroscopic images courtesy of Dr. Stan Branch Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC. Endoscopic image courtesy of Dr. Adam Slivka UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.

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Tip flexibility: Changing with the times One of your procedural goals will never change: simple, reliable access during ERCP. One thing that has changed is tip flexibility. Over time, wire guides have become more and more flexible. At Cook, we didn't stop until we made a wire guide tip that is measurably one of the most flexible on the market: the Acrobat Calibrated Tip wire guide.

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Product Specifications Used to assist in cannulation of the biliary and pancreatic ducts and to aid in bridging difficult strictures during ERCP. Supplied sterile and is disposable - intended for single use only. Order    Reference Number    Part Number Wire    Wire Diameter    Length inch    cm Radiopaque Tip cm Hydrophilic Coating cm Some products or part numbers may not be available in all markets. Contact your local Cook representative or Customer Service for details. Acrobat Preloaded Sphincterotomes Used for cannulation of the ductal system and for sphincterotomy. If preloaded, also...

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