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Culture gametes and embryos in an environment specifically designed for them. Pioneer in A.R.T. Cook introduced the original benchtop incubator in 1995. Since then, the MINC™ has become a leader in incubation and has set a benchmark for quality assurance. Unique Integration The MINC is the only benchtop incubator to be developed together with an integrated line of A.R.T. products. MINC + Embryo Culture Sequential Media System Conceived together, these two products are closely integrated to host the most favorable environment for in vitro human embryo culture.

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Preserving precise temperature and pH is essential for optimal embryo development. A successful start to any in vitro procedure requires stable temperature and pH. The Minc benchtop incubator provides both —making it vital in the A.R.T. lab. Developed in collaboration with embryologists to work with the entire line of cook A.R.T. products, the Minc has been optimizing the culture of gametes and embryos for over 15 years, with proven results. it is used around the world, has been clinically demonstrated to create ideal culture environments, and has an established history in assisted...

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FEATURES CONSTANT TEMPERATURE Heated chamber baseplate and lid provide a stable thermal environment for embryo culture.1 Embryos directly exposed to a consistent temperature of 37°c.1 conductive heat transfer provides faster recovery times than other convection-style incubators.1 = Embryos cultured at the correct temperature. RAPID pH RECOVERY MAINTAINS HOMEOSTASIS Minc design initiates an automatic gas purge, re-establishing the desired environment when the lid is closed.1, 3 pH returns to physiological range faster than other incubators.1, 3 Embryonic stress reduced by rapid return to...

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Global Product Number Order Number Benchtop Incubator includes 3 m connecting tubing G46022 *Including allowance for gasline. GAS SUPPLY – High purity CO2 /O2 /N2 mixture. Nominal input pressure 150 kPA POWER – Universal Input 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz SAFETY – Designed to conform with AS3200.1 1990, IEC60601.1 and IEC61010.1 Braided Connecting Tube G26796 Disposable Humidification Flask G32707 Description Disposable H2O humidification flasks supplied sterile in single packs Resource Mortimer ST, Fluker MR, Yuzpe AA. Effect of culture system upon fertilization rate and embryo development for...

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