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Dural Repair Move beyond to a strong dural seal. The Biodesign® dural graft is a scaffold that allows the body to restore itself. Once in place, the body begins remodeling the Biodesign graft, leaving behind patient tissue that maintains long-term strength. An advanced tissue repair technology, the Biodesign dural graft is designed to provide: • A strong seal: CSF leak rates as low as 1.7% have been reported.1 • Complete remodeling: Unlike synthetic mesh or other biologic grafts, Biodesign is completely remodeled into new tissue. • Ease of use: Derived from a natural material, Illustration by Lisa Clark Biodesign handles like real dura mater. Illustration of placement prior to suturing. Order Number Reference Part Number

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Biodesign® - 2

FEATURES & BENEFITS like real dura mater. added durability for suturing. a strong seal that helps prevent CSF leaks. and flexible material provides remarkable handling. your graft to the same shape as the dural defect. The graft should run edge to edge with the dura mater, with minimal overlap. best results when suturing, use a running stitch with interrupted sutures at desired locations. optimal handling, hydrate the graft a minimum of 2 minutes before placement. DATA 1. Bejjani GK, Zabramski J; Durasis Study Group. Safety and efficacy of the porcine small intestinal submucosa dural...

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