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BREAST LESION LOCALIZATION PRODUCTS Rely on Cook Medical’s diverse line of breast lesion localization devices to increase your procedural precision from the very start.

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Used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions. • evel-cut B needle tip guides the needle to the optimum position for placing the localization hook wire. burnish mark, when visible just outside the needle hub on the spring-hook wire, provides visual assurance that the hook wire is within the needle tip during needle manipulation. Needle is marked in 1 cm increments for depth guidance during a procedure. reinforced tip of the spring-hook wire serves as a visual and palpable landmark for the surgeon to gauge distance to the lesion during dissection and reduces the risk of...

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Used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions. • -shaped X • 3 • hook provides fixation and is intended to limit migration. cm stiff portion of the shaft is easily palpated during surgery. Soft, flexible wire portion of the shaft is comfortable for the patient. wire facilitates surgical procedure by aiding in locating the wire and is intended to reduce the possibility of accidentally cutting the wire. BREAST LESION LOCALIZATION NEEDLE Order Number Reference Part Number Needle gage Needle gage TROCAR INTRODUCER 18 gage HOOK WIRE PRELOADED IN LOADING CANNULA .025 inch (.64 mm)...

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BREAST LESION LOCALIZATION COIL Used for preoperative marking of nonpalpable breast lesions. Features the Müller-Schimpfle coil. • EchoTip® needle ensures increased visibility during ultrasound. acts as marker to indicate lesion location. TWO-PART POSITIONING NEEDLE MÜLLER-SCHIMPFLE COIL PRELOADED ON STYLET WITH STOPPER Order Number Reference Part Number Needle gage Not all part numbers shown on this product information sheet may be approved for sale in all regulatory jurisdictions. Consult with your local Cook representative or customer service center for details.

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Work with precision and confidence. Give your patients the assurance they deserve. When your patients are counting on you for the best results possible, the tools you use can help deliver the outcome they need. Whether you’re fighting cancer or localizing a benign tumor, precision and accuracy are paramount. That’s why Cook Medical offers a variety of breast lesion localization needles to fit your procedural needs. Look for the following symbols denoting specialized needle technologies: MReye® Needles For Magnetic Resonance Imaging C ook’s interventional MReye needles are used for initial...

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CRITICAL CARE ENDOSCOPY I N T E RV ENTIONAL RADIOLOGY LEAD MANAGEMENT P E R I PHERAL INTERVENT ION SURGERY UROLOGY WOMEN’S HEALTH EMEA:  EDI – Distributors:  +353 61239240, Austria:  +43 179567121, Belgium:  +32 27001633, Denmark:  +45 38487607, France:  +33 171230269, Germany:  +49 6950072804, Hungary:  +36 17779199, Ireland:  +353 61239252, Italy: ...

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