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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 1

CENTESIS& DRAINAGE Discover a comprehensive solution to meet your drainage needs.

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 2

Simple, accurate insertion. Enhanced patient comfort. Cook offers an extensive line of drainage catheters for removing both air and uid from the pleural and pericardial space. Available in a variety of sizes and design congurations, these products provide treatment options that are signicantly less invasive than traditional drainage techniques. Advantages of Seldinger Placement •  Allows for a smaller incision and therefore a tighter seal around the     drain, which helps prevent tube dislodgement.1 •  Facilitates controlled, minimally invasive catheter introduction. • ...

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 3

Wayne Pneumothorax Catheter Intended Use: relief of simple, spontaneous, iatrogenic and tension pneumothorax Usage Locations: OR, ER, ICU, Prehospital EchoTip® echogenic introducer needle included with select sets and trays  improves needle tip visibility during  insertion and maximizes the bene  ts  of ultrasound.  Enlarged sideports improve  catheter’s ability to drain greater quantities of air.    Radiopaque Ultrathane® material  enhances x-ray visualization and is kink  resistant, allowing catheter to conform back  to its original shape after manipulation.   Pigtail...

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 4

Thal-Quick Chest Tube Intended Use: percutaneous introduction of a chest tube for pleural   uid drainage Usage Locations: OR, ER, ICU EchoTip® echogenic introducer needle included with sets and trays improves  needle tip visibility during insertion and  maximizes the bene  ts of ultrasound.  Radiopaque to enhance x-ray visualization.    Enlarged sideports help prevent the tube from clogging.    Distance markings on  dilator included with sets  facilitate controlled insertion of  chest tube into the pleural cavity    Available in doublelumen con  gurations. “Our experience with this tube. ....

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 5

Fuhrman Pleural/Pneumopericardial Drainage Catheter Intended Use: evacuation of air from the pericardial sac or to drain air or   uid from the pleural space Usage Locations: OR, ICU Sideports positioned within catheter pigtail  to prevent them from becoming occluded  when pressed against the pleura. Radiopaque to enhance x-ray visualization. Soft polyurethane material helps  to minimize patient discomfort. “[The Fuhrman catheter] was safe and had high short- and long-term success rates. It also preserved patients’ comfort and mobility, allowing early discharge.”5

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 6

Lock Pericardiocentesis Set Intended Use: drainage of   uid from the pericardial sac Usage Locations: OR, ICU Tapered tip allows percutaneous  placement of a large (8.3 Fr)  catheter. Enlarged sideports help prevent the tube from clogging.    Pigtail design prevents tissue damage and keeps the tip from becoming lodged in the myocardium. Radiopaque to enhance x-ray visualization.

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 7

References 1. Parslow PM, Sandell JM. Paediatric chest drains: past, present and percutaneous. Trauma. 2005;7:163-170.  2. Thal AP, Quick KL. A guided chest tube for safe thoracostomy. Surg Gynecol Obster. 1998;167(6):517.  3. Ahmed MY, Silver P, Nimkoff L, et al. The needle-wire-dilator technique for the insertion of chest tubes in  pediatric patients. Pediatr Emerg Care.1995;11(4):252-254.  4. Hart SP. Management of spontaneous pneumothorax. Postgrad Med J. 2001;77(905):215.  5. Marquette CH, Marx A, Leroy S, et al. Simpli...

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Centesis and Drainage Talking Guide - 8

Customer Service Centers CRITICAL CARE ENDOSCOPY I N T E RV ENTIONAL RADIOLOGY LEAD MANAGEMENT P E R I PHERAL INTERVENTION SURGERY UROLOGY WOMEN’S HEA LTH Distributors:  +353 61239240, ssc.distributors@cookmedical.com Austria:  +43 179567121, oe.orders@cookmedical.com Belgium:  +32 27001633, be.orders@cookmedical.com Denmark:  +45 38487607, da.orders@cookmedical.com France:  +33 171230269, fr.orders@cookmedical.com Germany:  +49 6950072804, de.orders@cookmedical.com Hungary:  +36 17779199, hu.orders@cookmedical.com Ireland:  +353 61239252, ie.orders@cookmedical.com Italy:  +39 0269682853,...

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