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From cytology to histology: Continuing to increase your predictive values. EchoTip ProCore

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Get to the core issue throughout the entire GI tract. The next-generation ultrasound needle has arrived. The EchoTip ProCore allows for collection of histology with cytology while providing access to the entire GI tract, where you can target smaller lesions and increase your yields, all while decreasing your needle passes.* Core trap receives tissue into needle Exclusive HD needle promotes ultrasound visibility and more adequately assures the needle tip is on target Reverse bevel promotes collection of core sample by shearing material from target lesion during retrograde movement of needle...

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Look to the market leader for all your EUS needs. For 20 years Cook has been a pioneer in endoscopic ultrasound needles and accessories. From the original EchoTip to the new EchoTip ProCore, we continue to offer the most diverse product line to satisfy your diagnostic and therapeutic needs.

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Redesigned stylet offers stability, flexibility and removability A naturally contoured handle delivers precise needle control and stability “Zero” reference mark ensures complete needle retraction within the sheath More yield, fewer needle passes. Images courtesy of Kenneth Chang, MD H. H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center, University of California-Irvin

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Conventional technique, exceptional results. With ProCore, there is no new mechanism to learn because it is used in the same fashion as our current EchoTip Ultra needle. But the result achieved is a core sample that provides vital tissue and cytological information even in target lesions of less than one centimeter. Safety lock ring easily slides and locks at the desired extension Integrated sheath adjuster offers compatibility with a full range of echoendoscopes Metal Luer lock for secure anchoring to the echoendoscope

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Product Specifications Used with an ultrasound endoscope for fine needle biopsy (FNB) of submucosal lesions, mediastinal masses, lymph nodes and intraperitoneal masses within or adjacent to the gastrointestinal tract. Supplied sterile and is disposable - intended for single use only. Minimum Needle Sheath Accessory Order Reference Needle Extension Size Dimple Channel Number Part Number Gage cm Fr Pattern mm COOK* MEDICAL

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