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Cytology, cell block or core: Results you can see. Cell Block EchoTip ProCore Pathology images courtesy of James Farrell, MD Interventional Endoscopy and Pancreatic Diseases Section of Digestive Diseases, Yale University School of Medicine.

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Leading the way in EUS since 1998. Over the years, you’ve told us what matters to you and, as the EUS market leader, we’ve listened. Incorporating extensive feedback provided by clinicians, we now offer you our latest developments in needle flexibility and sampling capability, tailored to you and your pathologist’s needs and heavily supported by published clinical data. We pioneered the needle qualities you asked for… Ergonomic, contoured handle for precise needle control and stability Integrated sheath adjuster ensures compatibility with a full range of echoendoscopes Patented...

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Core trap technology designed for receiving sample into needle High-performance needle flexibility designed to enhance target access and tissue acquisition …to give you the solutions you need. The family of EchoTip Ultra and EchoTip ProCore needles are designed specifically to enhance target access and tissue acquisition. By balancing sample size and needle flexibility, we give you the tools to target small lesions in even the most difficult locations, while increasing valuable yields with potentially fewer needle passes. As we continue to lead the EUS field, we will keep working with you...

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EchoTip ProCore HD Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Obtain core biopsies even in the most difficult anatomical positions. The ProCore 20 gauge has the flexibility to get you where you need to go, including those hard-to-reach targets. This tractability also means there is no need to straighten the scope when advancing the needle through the channel. Once you puncture the target lesion, you have the capacity to acquire pathology from a relatively large sample. The ReCoil Stylet, helps you to easily manage the stylet, minimizing the risk of contamination. Core trap technology designed for receiving...

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“The Cook 20 gauge EchoTip ProCore offers improved flexibility for those more difficult EUS-FNA biopsy approaches, with easy to-and-fro passage of the needle, along with a larger 20 gauge needle to yield histologic grade tissue for both diagnosis and ancillary studies.” ReCoil™ Stylet aids stylet management Coiled sheath facilitates needle flexibility “You are as flexible with this needle as you can be with a smaller gauge. You do not need to sacrifice on flexibility for size.” Prof. Marco J. Bruno, MD, PhD, Erasmus Medical Center Gastroenterology & Hepatology Department, Rotterdam,...

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22 EchoTip® UltraGAUGE Endoscopic Ultrasound Needle The easiest path to difficult locations. Thanks to its highly flexible coiled sheath, the EchoTip Ultra 22 gauge gets you to difficult positions for sampling lesions. Even in torqued positions, you can acquire quality samples with the longtime best-selling EUS needle on the market. wmmm Cell Block "In my personal experience, more than sixteen years, of pancreatic EUS-FNA; the ECHO-3-22 has proven to be the best needle to use in difficult and twisted echoendoscope positions in the stomach, beyond the pylorus and from the second...

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Coiled sheath facilitates exceptional needle flexibility “Since 1998, I am a regular user of the ECHO-3-22 due to its coiled sheath, which in my opinion is the most flexible sheath of all needles on the market. The needle allows me to puncture precisely regardless of the anatomical location or size of the target.” Dr. Laurent Palazzo Clinique du Trocadero, Paris Former President of the French Society of Gastroenterology and of the French Society of Digestive Endoscop

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EchoTip ProCore HD Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Small needle. Big results. Our smallest and most flexible tissue acquisition needle, the Echotip ProCore is a perfect everyday needle that balances cytology and histology acquisition to obtain a cell block sample. The dependability of the ProCore 25 gauge is reflected in numerous studies showing excellent first-pass diagnoses in malignant tumors.* Core trap technology designed for receiving sample into needle “The EUS-FNA 25-gauge needle with a core trap by a single pass offers significantly better sample quality for histological diagnosis of...

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“The 25 gauge ProCore needle has become my “go-to” needle for the cytologic diagnosis of pancreatic tumors or lymph nodes. The yield is very high within 1-2 passes.” Dr. Kenneth Chang Executive Director H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center University of California—Irvine Orange, California “The design of the EchoTip ProCore 25 gauge needle assists the physician in consistently obtaining histological samples through endoscopic ultrasound. In our early experience, the ProCore needle has improved our diagnostic yield over standard fine needle aspiration and has already impacted...

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Focus on results. 20 GAUGE EchoTip ProCore® HD Ultrasound Biopsy Needle • ith a mean of 1.7 passes, sample quality was adequate W for histological assessment in 92% of lesions.* * easibility and diagnostic yield of a new EUS guided histology 20-gauge needle in the evaluation of intraintestinal and extraintestinal lesions; F Iglesias-Garcia, Julio; van Riet, Priscilla A.; Larghi, Alberto; Giovannini,Marc; Petrone, Maria C.; Lariño-Noia, Jose; Poley, Jan-Werner; Bories, Erwan; Dabizzi, Emanuele; Abdulkader, Ihab; Monges, Genevieve M.; Biermann, Katharina; Rindi, Guido; Doglioni, Claudio;...

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Collaborative education and training. We are always seeking to provide stimulating and productive educational opportunities for clinicians to enhance their knowledge of new technologies and learn about exciting new procedural techniques. Cook Medical’s Vista programs encourage physician and industry collaboration to improve patient care by sharing best practices. Vista programs foster collaboration among the best and the brightest gastroenterologists in the world who all share one common goal: Improving patient care. We also share our experience in EUS to facilitate training and education...

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