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Dilate with strength and accuracy. To effectively manage strictures in the esophagus, pylorus, duodenum and colon, you need a strong balloon that can be accurately staged. When you choose the Cook Hercules, you get both. Thanks to the exclusive P.E.T. Flex™ technology, this balloon balances exceptional strength and staging accuracy. And now, for clinician preference, the Hercules includes a preloaded wire guide. The wire-guided Hercules is yet another addition to Cook’s full line of innovative endoscopic accessories designed to meet all your patients’ needs. www.cookmedical.com

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Used to endoscopically dilate strictures of the gastrointestinal tract including the esophagus, pylorus, duodenum and colon. Supplied sterile and is disposable – intended for single use only. • apid deflation completes procedure quickly R * • wo radiopaque markers identify body of balloon for excellent visibility T of balloon positioning • Simplified packaging enhances procedural efficiency • Glow-in-the-dark size and inflation information on packaging and catheter tags for easy identification • 2.8 mm minimum accessory channel for all scope manufacturers Order Number Reference Part Number...

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