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Litho 100 THE REVOLUTION IN HOLMIUM SURGERY The Litho 100 Holmium laser (2.1 µm) meets the increasing demand for efficacy and flexibility as a unique multi-application laser platform able to perform both Lithotripsy and HoLEP. The Litho 100 can reach up to 105 W power and brings outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive Vapor TunnelTM, Virtual BasketTM and MasterPULSE technologies. This device further offers impressive settings for energy and frequency (up to 80 Hz). General Overview BPH Treatment Effective Lithotripsy High-Frequency Emission (up to 80 Hz) Minimized Retropulsion...

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RFID Recognition System Fiber Connection Transportation Handle Automatic Aperture Sensor Quiet Performance Double Footswitch Connection Double Footswitch Mode #2 (e.g., coagulation) Ready / Standby Switch Mode #1 (e.g., cutting) The double footswitch enables immediate switch from one emission mode to another, with complete customization of pedal-mode association. No bothersome interruptions are needed for setting readjustments.

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BPH HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) is a proven technique for the treatment of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), with high effectiveness, safety and durability. A significant body of scientific literature demonstrates its advantages in terms of efficacy and safety compared to traditional treatments available for BPH. Recent studies and trials have validated the excellent outcomes achieved by this technique, with its success being reproduced in a diverse array of patients. HoLEP can be applied regardless of prostate size and in a retreatment setting, with a low...

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PRECISE CUTTING The limited depth of penetration, together with the fast ablation of targeted tissue, results in a precise cut without affecting surrounding tissue. RELIABILITY Clinical outcomes of HoLEP have been widely investigated, with many clinical studies demonstrating its safety and effectiveness even in the long run. SIZE INDEPENDENT The effectiveness of HoLEP has been proven even for large glands. EFFECTIVE HEMOSTASIS The Holmium radiation is highly absorbed by water, allowing quick coagulation of bleeding. HIGH POWER Up to 105 W output, for fast and quick incision DOUBLE...

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Vapor TunnelTM Peak Power Consisting of a Single Specific Long Pulse, this emission mode allows limited retropulsion and fine stone ablation. The Vapor TunnelTM is designed to use the minimum peak power in accordance with selected output settings. Bubble Dynamics of Vapor TunnelTM Virtual BasketTM Peak Power The double pulse modulation used with the Virtual BasketTM emission mode allows limited stone movements and fine lithotripsy. With the Virtual BasketTM, a first pulse is used to generate the vapor bubble and a second pulse, emitted from the same fiber, propagates through the bubble to...

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Litho 100 - 7

Specific modulation of laser pulses generates longer bubbles able to extend further towards the target. This long bubble touching the target represents a direct connection between fiber tip and stone.

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Litho 100 - 8

SHORT PULSE (HIGH ENERGY) HIGH PULSE ENERGY Up to 5 J, for a wide pulse energy range TREAT EVEN THE HARDEST STONES Greater pulse energy allows you to break harder stones. COLLECTION BASKET NEEDED Retrieve stone pieces upon fragmentation.

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Litho 100 - 9

Dusting Effect LONG PULSE LIMITED RETROPULSION Easy ablation with less need to chase the stone NO NEED FOR A BASKET The resulting fine dust obviates the need for a retrieval phase. LONG PULSE WIDTH Up to 1100 µs, for smooth Long Pulse Dusting EXTREME FREQUENCY Up to 80 Hz, for enhanced speed in Dusting action HIGH FREQUENCY

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Litho 100 - 10

MasterPulse SHOCKWAVE DISSECTION REDUCED STONE INSTABILITY CUTTING TUNING Adjust the fashion in which you cut based on your needs and the area of treatment. Lower the stone instability step by step, by progressively increasing pulse width. PRECISE CUTTING General Benefits Reduce retropulsion and modify tissue cutting more easily: Instead of trying multiple different settings, start with your preferred settings, and then adjust the MasterPulse to fine tune the effect of laser emission based on your visual feedback. Regulation of pulse width has never been so easy! 7 GREATER FLEXIBILITY 7...

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Litho 100 - 11

User-Friendly Software Emission Mode Fiber Info Case History Menu Emission Counters GUIDED SELECTION · BPH · Lithotripsy · Soft Tissues SAVE / LOAD PRES

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Litho 100 - 12

Fibers The Litho 100 device can be operated with a large range of fibers, depending on the application, flexibility and settings required. JACKET Helps in recognizing fiber position and improves probe stiffness BUFFER Protective Coating Layer CLADDING Maintains radiation energy within the core FIBER CORE Delivers energy to the target STANDARD FIBERS BALL-TIP FIBERS SIDE FIBERS For general use in stone and soft tissue treatments Dramatically simplify the insertion into deflected scopes Allow side ablation of soft tissue

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Litho 100 - 13

FIBER RECOGNITION The Litho 100 automatically adjusts emission settings based on the connected fiber’s diameter. AVAILABLE DIAMETERS STERILIZATION TRAY All fibers are available both as disposable and reusable (except ball-tip and side fibers). Reusable fibers can be sterilized by Sterrad® and steam sterilization. A dedicated tray for sterilization of fibers and tools Sterrad is a registered trademark of ASP Global Manufacturing GmbH

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Applications Litho 100 can be used to perform lithotripsy as well as incision, excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissue in various medical specialties, including: GENERAL SURGERY UROLOGY LITHOTRIPSY, BPH TUMORS (e.g. Bladder) STRICTURES BNI

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Technical Specifications Wavelength Average power Frequency rate Pulse duration Beam delivery Wide range of flexible silica fibers Aiming beam Fiber recognition Activation Electrical requirements Cooling Operating temperature Laser class Dimensions and weight RFID System Double footswitch 230 Vac; 50/60 Hz; 6.2 kVA–208 Vac; 50/60 Hz; 6.2 kVA Internal chiller 10°C–30°C 4 (IEC 60825-1) 52 cm (W) x 120 cm (D) x 123 cm (H) (monitor closed

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