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PRODUCTS FOR SALIVARY DUCT ACCESS Salivary Duct Access Gain and maintain access to the salivary duct while reducing trauma and maximizing efficiency. Cook Medical continually collaborates with physicians to improve procedures. Cook has partnered with leading physicians to create salivary duct access products that are designed to maintain access throughout the procedure and work together for greater control. This control can help reduce trauma for the patient and increase efficiency with every step. Reference 1. Wallace E, Tauzin M, Hagan JP, et al. Management of giant sialoliths: review of the literature and preliminary experience with interventional sialendoscopy. Laryngoscope. 2010;120(10):1974-1978. Resources 1. Chossegros C, Guyot L, Richard O, et al. A technical improvement in sialendoscopy to enter the salivary ducts. Laryngoscope. 2006;116(5):842-844. 2. Walvekar R, Razfar A, Carrau RL, et al. Sialendoscopy and associated complications: a preliminary experience. Laryngoscope. 2008;118(5):776-779. Customer Service Centers AO RT I C I N T E RV E N T I O N C R I T I CA L CA R E “Cook’s salivary duct access tools allow me to gain and maintain access to the duct, which gives me much greater control throughout the entire procedure.” Jack Kolenda, MD Chief, Department of Otolaryngology Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Oakville, Ontario EMEA:  EDI – Distributors:  +353 61239240, Austria:  +43 179567121, Belgium:  +32 27001633, Denmark:  +45 38487607, Finland:  +358 972519996, France:  +33 171230269, Germany:  +49 6950072804, Hungary:  +36 17779199, Ireland:  +353 61239252, Italy:  +39 0269682853, Netherlands:  +31 202013367, Norway:  +47 23162968, Spain:  +34 912702691, Sweden:  +46 858769468, Switzerland – French:  +41 448009609, Switzerland – Italian:  +41 448009609, Switzerland – German:  +41 448009609, United Kingdom:  +44 2073654183, Americas:  EDI – Phone:  +1 812.339.2235, 800.457.4500, Fax:  800.554.8335 E-mail: Dr. Kolenda is the inventor of the Kolenda Salivary Access Introducer Set and receives a royalty payment based upon Cook’s license to use this technology. Sialendoscopy represents an exciting minimally invasive alternative to a standard open surgical procedure to treat salivary duct disorders. Sialendoscopy has a variety of advantages for the patient, including minimal recovery time, no incision or subsequent scarring, minimized potential for nerve damage, preservation of the salivary gland1 and early return to a normal diet. Sialendoscopy allows stones to be removed in the office with a low risk of major complications to the patient. Illustration by Lisa Clark

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GAIN AND MAINTAIN ACCESS 1 WIRE GUIDE KOLENDA INTRODUCER SHEATH Gain and maintain access with a wire guide. Minimize trauma with sequential dilation. Create a true working channel. Sialendoscopy starts with accessing the salivary duct through the papilla. A flexible Cook soft-tip wire guide can be easily maneuvered into the duct. This guide allows you to easily gain and maintain ductal access throughout the procedure, reducing trauma and maximizing efficiency. Once you establish access using the Cook soft-tip wire guide, a series of flexible dilators can be introduced over the wire to...

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