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Manage the most challenging salivary stones with durable nitinol stone extractors.

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Salivary Stone Extractors Extracting salivary stones can be challenging. Cook Medical, a world leader in nitinol basket technologies, is delivering two salivary stone extractors that help make sialendoscopy more efficient and effective. Nitinol Design The shape memory and resilient qualities of our stone extractors’ patented nitinol design allow expedient stone retrieval and minimize trauma to the ductal wall. Features include: •  Kink resistance, which allows the baskets to withstand multiple deployments. •  Flexibility, which allows the expedient capture and release of stones. NCircle®...

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TIPLESS SALIVARY STONE EXTRACTOR Easily remove stones while reducing trauma to the ductal wall with the patented, tipless NCircle extractor. Feature and Benefits Tipless design The tipless configuration allows you to position the basket directly against the mucosal lining, which helps minimize trauma, reduce the risk of ductal wall perforation and maintain a clear working field. Increased flexibility The flexible sheath allows continuous, full deflection of the endoscope during stone manipulation. SALIVARY STONE EXTRACTOR The NGage nitinol stone extractor is not just a grasper or stone...

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ORDERing INFORMATION Order Number Reference Part Number NCircle Tipless Salivary Stone Extractor G23797 NGage Salivary Stone Extractor G23798 Not all part numbers shown on this product information sheet may be approved for sale in all regulatory jurisdictions. Consult with your local Cook representative or customer service center for details. Other products of interest Along with our salivary stone extractors, Cook Medical offers salivary duct access tools, including wire guides, dilators and introducer sheaths that help you gain and maintain ductal access and make salivary stone extraction...

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