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Simplifying Hemostasis.

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ONE CLIP INFINITE POSSIBILITIES WIDEST SPAN Endoscopic Hemoclip STRENGTH & SECURITY •  Widest span on the market and fully adjustable so you can securely grasp as much, or as little, tissue as your procedure requires •  360-degree, bidirectional rotation and open/close ability for precise clip placement •  Distinctive anchoring tips improve your tissue gripping capability while the robust, nitinol-reinforced jaws give you added stability •  Instinctive handle and clip design for simple, one-step clip detachment •  MR Conditional per ASTM F

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Saeed Multi-band Ligator •  19 consecutive years as the market leader in ligation •  Opti-Vu® Barrel with recessed bands and friction fit adaptor designed to optimize your endoscopic view while maintaining suction and secure fit on endoscope •  Universal-fit barrels streamline order information and simplify inventory control Saeed Hemorrhoidal Multi-band Ligator with Triview™ •  Preloaded for multiple hemorrhoidal ligations in a single procedure •  TriView anoscope with positioning slots to help optimize anatomical positioning of hemorrhoids •  Only a single insertion of an anoscope is...

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Variable Injection Needle •  Smooth needle advancement and retraction •  Clear outer catheter with white inner catheter allows visualization of needle advancement Bipolar Probe •  Hydromer grafted tip and spiral electrodes designed to minimize sticking for effective coagulation •  Central lumen allows for irrigation •  Inner and outer catheters lock together to secure the advanced needle during injection •  350 cm catheter with single or dual plug options for optimal scope and generator compatibility •  Adjustment capability for desired needle length extension •  Completely disposable,...

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Simple solutions for complex problems. When facing any GI bleed, the more simple and effective treatment options you have, the better your patient outcomes can be. That’s why, for the past 30 years, Cook has given you a wide variety of easy-to-use, efficient hemostasis options. From the intuitive control of the Instinct Endoscopic Hemoclip and the market-leading Saeed Six Shooter Multiband Ligator to a selection of time-tested needles and probes—see how our simple solutions can solve your complex problems

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Instinct™ Endoscopic Hemoclip Variable Injection Needle Catheter Catheter Order    Reference    Size    Length    Box Number    Part Number    Fr    cm    Quantity Catheter    Catheter Order    Reference    Size    Needle    Length Number    Part Number    Fr    gage    cm Saeed Multi-band Ligator Endoscope    Trigger Outer    Cord Order    Reference    Number    Diameter    Length Number    Part Number    of Bands    mm    cm Bipolar Probe Catheter Catheter Order    Reference    Size    Length    Generator Number Part Number    Fr    cm Plug Type Saeed Hemorrhoidal Multi-band Ligator with...

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