Universa® URETERAL STENT SET - 8 Pages

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Experience the everyday stent with a monofilament tether.

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Experience Universa®. Universa stents are used to provide temporary internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction to the bladder. The Universa Firm and Universa Soft ureteral stents combine premium features and the everyday advantage of a full product line. Consolidated part numbers enable streamlined ordering and provide cost savings. Soft and firm options provide flexibility when choosing the appropriate stent for your patient. Universa Soft offers a softer feel during placement and provides patient comfort once inside the body. Universa Firm’s thermosensitive material is firm for...

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FEATURES Graduation Marks Visualize stent advancement and placement Monofilament Tether* Easy repositioning and removal Pigtail Straightener Simplified advancement over the wire guide Radiopaque Tip on Pusher Precise fluoroscopic positioning French Size & Length Expedient stent exchanges Box Packaging Convenient storage and identification OPTIONS Stent and Positioner No wire guide Set Stent, positioner and wire guide Hydrophilic Universa Firm Hydrophilic, Universa Soft Hydrophilic Nonhydrophilic Universa Soft only For more information, visit www.cookmedical.com or contact your Cook Medical...

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Order    Reference    Length Number Part Number    Fr    cm Order    Reference    Length Number Part Number    Fr    cm Universa Firm Ureteral Stent Set Universa Firm Ureteral Stent Stent and Positioner G23242    UFH-518-RT1    5.0

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Order    Reference    Length Number Part Number    Fr    cm Order    Reference    Length Number Part Number    Fr    cm Universa Soft Ureteral Stent Set Universa Soft Ureteral Stent Stent and Positioner G23240    USH-518-RT1    5.0

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Order    Reference    Length Number Part Number    Fr    cm Order    Reference    Length Number Part Number    Fr    cm Universa Soft Ureteral Stent Set Universa Soft Ureteral Stent Stent and Positioner G23455    US-518-RT1    5.0 *Nonhydrophilic coated

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Customer Service Centers – Urology EMEA: EDI – www.cookmedical.com/edi.do Distributors: +353 61239240, ssc.distributors@cookmedical.com Austria: +43 179567121, oe.orders@cookmedical.com Belgium: +32 27001633, be.orders@cookmedical.com Denmark: +45 38487607, da.orders@cookmedical.com Finland: +358 972519996, fi.orders@cookmedical.com France: +33 171230269, fr.orders@cookmedical.com Germany: +49 6950072804, de.orders@cookmedical.com Hungary: +36 17779199, hu.orders@cookmedical.com Ireland: +353 61239252, ie.orders@cookmedical.com Italy: +39 0269682853, it.orders@cookmedical.com Netherlands:...

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