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Ancillary Component - Iliac Plug An additional z-stent and the one-shot delivery system make the iliac plug Cook Medical’s newest ancillary component for the Zenith AAA Endovascular Graft product line. The iliac plug is used to occlude an iliac artery, typically in conjunction with a femoral-to-femoral crossover procedure. DESIGN • The iliac plug’s design incorporates a unique dilator tip at the proximal end of the device to minimize vessel trauma during deployment and to eliminate the need for additional deployment steps. • Self-expanding stainless steel z-stents enhance graft-to-vessel sealing. • Lightweight, yet strong shrink-resistant woven polyester. DELIVERY • The iliac plug is shipped pre-loaded onto a 14 French or 16 French H&L-B One-Shot™ Introduction System. Deployment of the iliac plug is achieved by sheath retraction and trigger-wire removal. • A single trigger-wire release mechanism provides controlled release and stabilization of the endovascular device during deployment. • Tuohy-Borst Sidearm Adapter allows continuous wire guide access while inhibiting blood reux. • PTFE radiolucent sheath enables endovascular graft visualization during delivery. Trigger-Wire Release Mechanism Tuohy-Borst Sidearm Adapter

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