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Rotational Stability Flat body in anterior-posterior view resists to rotation of the implant in the canal. Clinically proven TPS coating Ti-Plasma spray coating The microporous pure titanium coating with pores of 50-200jjm diameter and more than 30% porosity leads to direct bone apposition for secondary stability. Wide range of motion Unique Neck Geometry The innovated trapezoidal neck design allows wide angulation and protects

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Bencox M Stem - 3

Material: Forged TiaAUV ELI (ASTM Fi36) Ideal choice for minimal invasive surgery ► Reduced lateral shoulder allows less bone resection and preservation of soft tissue. ► Reduced stem length Thin anterior-to- posterior width allows to minimize the amount of distal canal remove. ► Curved distal tip can pomote easier and more smooth insertion into the femoral canal.

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Manufacturing Plant 12, Yeongsanhong 1-gil, Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea Seoul office 483, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel: 82-2-3445-5492~5 Fax: 82-2-3445-5467,5497 Corentec America 17305 Von Karman Ave. Suite 114, Irvine, CA 92614, USA Tel: 1 -949-379-6227 Fax : 1-949-387-5716 ECRepresentitive: Emergo Europe Molenstraat 15,2513 BH, The Hague, The Netherlands Tel: 31-70-345-8570 Fax:31-70-346-7299

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