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Corpus Vac® Vacuum System and Equipment High performance, maximum hygien. ergonomy and comfort by Corpus Vac

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Corpus Vacuum & Dental Suction Systems - 2

Corpus Vac MIDI has a non - stop air ring vacuum motor as all Corpus member. The motor's power is 0.500 kW /60 Hz, minute. It can work continously minimum 8-10 hours. All system (air/secration separator with electronic level control and automatic auxiliary draining pump is controlled by high- tech electronic card by CPU. The system is protected against electro-shock. The surgical aspirator (dental high vacuum system) has anti vibration system and silencer for the exhauster air and non stop suction motor's noise. The exhaust prevent the Corpus Midi has new model Stainless coarse filter for...

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Corpus Vacuum & Dental Suction Systems - 3

corpus vac0— Vaacum Motor Vacuum System and Equipment The Corpus Vacuum Motor is a dental and medical device for dental clinics and dental treatments to create negative pressure with which fluids can be aspirated from the patient's oral cavity to keep the operating field clean and Corpus Vacuum Motor is designed by high quality in accordance with the latest ergonomic and technical concept. It can work more than 8-10 hour continously. The suction motor housing is produced by high quality and made of die cast light aliminium alloy as all high technology. Also the impeller is die-cast light...

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Corpus Vacuum & Dental Suction Systems - 4

Corpus Maxi is a dental high vacuum, surgical saliva ejector for dental clinic and treatment room. Installation of Corpus Maxi does not require any special needs a city electric and waste water line. Maxi is designed to facilitate all type of dental treatments such assurgical, implant, orthodontics with its permanent powerful suction Maxi has two type system; Maxi Automatic andMaxi Manual. MANUAL type of Maxi can be easily located next to dental chair, as well as moved to another place by the help of its wheels without any technical support. Maxi MANUAL has one hard plastic bottle for...

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Corpus Vacuum & Dental Suction Systems - 5

Cabrio Corpus Cabrio is a dry vacuum system without any cabinet for one or two chair. Cabrio has many advantages to be located any place or any clinic cabinet. It means Cabrio has a location free design for every clinic. We didn’t compresse our quality but we please it to dental field by most economic cost. By the way we aimed to offer our doctors these advantages as below; • Strong vacuum capacity, • Minimum dimension, • Maksimum performance • Location free design, • Auto level control system, • Hi-tech electronic control, • Auto drain pump system, • Easy installation, cleaning and...

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Corpus Vacuum & Dental Suction Systems - 6

Corpus Vac®—* Vacuum System and Equipment Cannulae group consists two hygienic hoses and three universal tips operates automatically by microswicth when one of the cannulae is taken from the holder. All component can be replaced without any technical service and The suction hoses has two different inner diameters which are 10 mm The high guality and hygenic tubes can be removed and disinfected Cannulae group also involves washable filter system that holds large particles and inlays or precious metal filling. The cannulae group can be installed to any cabinet, wall or edge of table. It has...

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