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Thanks to sophisticated technical features and constant further development the MetaMax® 3B can be used in all disciplines. Regardless of its location in the field, in the air, on the water or near fire, the MetaMax® 3B offers endless options. Whatever pushes you forward: The MetaMax® 3B is a spiroergometry system for professional outdoor use designed to meet your individual needs – no matter how exceptional they might be. APPLICABLE AT EVERY HEIGHT EXTENDING LIMITS Because of it‘s very low weight, the high wearing comfort and the secure data transmission it ensures the MetaMax® 3B is the...

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Spiroergometry – On your Conditions With a weight of less than 600 g the MetaMax® 3B is the most light mobile spiroergometric device on the market. For many disciplines this is a decisive advantage because in field tests the total weight of the test person increases only minimally and has effectively no influence on your test results. Its award-winning ergonomic design in combination with the chest and back carrying system and adjustable Velcro fasteners allows maximal mobility and impress in numerous types of sport. The MetaMax® 3B can be operated in various ways, either with a laptop, the...

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Volume Transducer Hardware Options Software Options Accessories & Spare Parts  stationary kit  power supply  extension for  CORTEX mobile Plus CORTEX bike M  seat height adjustment (motor)  integrated BP  integrated SpO2  adjustable pedal cranks  triathlon handle bar  adaptation for pediatric ergometry  Polar H10  BT smart HF sensor  PhysioFlow  PhysioFlow license  PhysioFlow electrodes  PhysioFlow cable  bag  batteries  charger pediatric 1 pediatric 2 petite XS S M L  head cap  adapter for face mask The Entire Spectrum of the MetaMax® 3B Configure your MetaMax® 3B...

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BENEFIT FROM OUR PACKAGES The Service Package for Major Security of Investment CORTEX treadmill TM The CORTEX treadmill TM combines functionality and design at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Two basic versions are available: with running surfaces of 53 cm x 161 cm or 73 cm x 172 cm plus various add-ons. The service package includes all consumables (calibration gas, O2 sensors etc.) for the first three years. It gives you high planning reliability for your projects and test studies thanks to an extended warranty period of three years. In addition, your operating costs are much lower...

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The MetaSoft® Studio combines the complexity of spiroergometric examinations with the most intuitive usability in a unique way. It is impossible to give a feeling of the easy and intuitive data collection and test evaluation MetaSoft® Studio offers. To put it briefly: You have to see and test MetaSoft® Studio by yourself. Please contact us to arrange an appointment for a product presentation to see what the software is all about. To get a first impression, watch our short video tutorial: CORTEX Quality Guarantee The Entire Spiroergometry Variety You would like to know more about CORTEX and...

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O2 Sensor · type: chemical fuel cell · range: 0-100 % · accuracy: < 0.1 Vol % · T90: < 100 ms · calibration: every 14 days CO2 Sensor · type: NDIR · range: 0-13 % · accuracy: < 0.1 Vol % · T90: < 100 ms · calibration: 1x per month Pressure Sensor · range: 300-1,100 mbar Volume Turbine, Reusable · flow: ≤ 20,1 l/s · accuracy: 50 ml or +/- 2 % · resistance: ≤ 0,1 kPa/l/s @ 20 l/s · calibration: 1x daily Volume Turbine, Disposable · flow: ≤ 14 l/s · accuracy: +/- 3 % · resistance: ≤ 0.06 kPa/l/s @ 14 l/s · calibration: not neccessary Heart Rate · smart BT | 3-lead ECG (optional) 12-lead ECG...

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