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VITAL SIGN TECHNOLOGY Accurate | Continuous | Convenient Taking Temperature 4.0. The degree° thermometer digitalizes precise and continuous monitoring of the core body temperature from inside the ear. The degree° is a continuously measuring wearable infrared ear thermometer. It enables the autonomous monitoring of temperature behaviour over the day and its superior comfort does not impair the patient’s freedom of movement. This wearable is a simple and cost-efficient solution which, in contrast to all conventional measuring devices, simultaneously relieves personnel and increases the quality of diagnoses. What benefits the degree° thermometer provides you: For clinics: Higher detection rate of post-operative inflammation (sepsis) and relief of hospital staff. For research institutions: Precise and digital alternative to conventional measurement technology. Increased data quality and reduced effort for data collection. Pre- and post-OP monitoring in hospitals Remote Patient Monitoring & Telemedicine Research & Studies Special applications concerning childhood fever cramps, auto inflammatory diseases, fertility therapy, etc. For general practitioners: Optimization of care times and diagnostic quality. For care and nursing facilities: Central monitoring for nursing staff relief. VITAL SIGNS Core Body Temperature Position/Accelerati

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How the degree° thermometer works: The degree° precisely and continuously measures the temperature of your patients in the auditory canal. The device transmits the entire temperature curve wirelessly to the degree°-App in real time. The degree° is also compatible with a complete, professional monitoring system from cosinuss°, the LabSystem. Alternatively you can connect the degree° directly to your existing monitoring system via standard interfaces. What advantages does the degree° offer? TAKING TEMPERATURE CONTINUOUSLY OPTIMIZED HARDWARE ± 0,2° C Measurement accuracy + 5 days Battery life...

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