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YOUR COMPLETE PICTURE OF OXYGENATION 1 AND VENTILATION Capnostream™ 20p bedside capnography monitor. Tried and true technology.

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Designed to reduce alarms and simplify monitoring Our suite of algorithms is engineered to reduce alarms and simplify capnography monitoring. Algorithms like the Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ algorithm (SARA) are engineered to reduce insignificant or “nuisance” alarms by 53 percent.2 Smart Breath Detection™ (SBD) algorithm This proprietary filter and pattern recognition algorithm screens out low-amplitude “nonbreath” etCO2 excursions like snoring, talking, or crying, to offer a more reliable respiratory rate. SARA algorithm Combined with the SBD algorithm, the SARA algorithm manages...

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Connects to powerful remote monitoring platform The Capnostream™ 20p bedside capnography monitor connects directly with our Vital Sync™ virtual patient monitoring platform (VPMP) and clinical decision support (CDS) solution. This single platform is designed to help you gain greater value from your medical devices and respond proactively to your patients’ needs. Vital Sync™ VPMP consolidates critical patient information from wireless and bedside devices and transmits it to your hospital server. So you can: Data output and connectivity Capnostream™ 20p bedside capnography monitor Data output...

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Microstream™ capnography CO2 units 0–38 mm Hg: ± 2 mm Hg 39–150 mm Hg: ± (5% of reading + 0.08% for every 1 mm Hg above 38 mm Hg) Respiration rate range Respiration rate accuracy No breath, etCO2 High, etCO2 Low, RR High, RR Low, Integrated Pulmonary Index™ algorithm (IPI). IPI also requires pulse oximetry information. Flow rate 50 (42.5 ≤ flow ≤ 65) mL/minute, flow measured by volume Waveform sampling Response time Initialization time Calibration interval Initially calibrate after 1,200 operating hours, then once a year or after 4,000 operating hours, whichever comes first Nellcor™ pulse...

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