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Clearum™ high flux steam sterilized (HS) dialyzers are standard hemodialysis (HD) dialyzers with a biocompatible, high‑flux membrane that provides adequate balance between diffusion and convection. Clearum™ HS dialyzers promote toxin removal and retention of critical proteins to provide safe, effective therapy. OPTIMIZED DIALYZER PERFORMANCE The Clearum™ membrane helps ensure optimal dialyzer performance by delivering: · Diffusive clearance of urea is best enhanced by undulation of capillaries and a balanced packing density which enhance dialysate flow penetration. During treatment, this...

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HANDLING AND PRIMING Clearum™ HS dialyzers are designed to help deliver effective treatments. density and the · The dialyzer packingmembrane aid in hydrophilicity of the achieving efficient priming and adequate air removal which may help prevent potential clotting issues. Clearum HS dialyzers · polypropylene, to help are manufactured with reduce the weight of ™ · Wide range of surface areas are available to meet a variety of patient needs. CARE FOR THE PATIENT AND THE ENVIRONMENT polypropylene also translate · The benefits ofglobal carbon footprint by in reducing the 60 percent as compared...

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Urea (mL/min) Creatinine (mL/min) Phosphates (mL/min) In vitro clearances: QB = 300 mL/min; QF = 10 mL/min; QD = 500 mL/min The performance data provided refers to in-vitro tests performed in accordance with ISO 8637-1. The values indicated are to be considered approximate and may vary due to measurement methods, inherent variations of the membrane, manufacturing and storage conditions. During the treatment, performance on the individual patient may vary due to variable clinical parameters of the patient. 1,3 m2 high – flux dialyzer sterilized by moist heat 1,5 m2 high – flux dialyzer...

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