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COWELL® Implant Solution

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Implant Solution Help your daily practice superior

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A global leader in bio-technology and dental implant COWELLMEDI HISTORY Cowellmedi is the first corporation of the localization of dental January 2009 Clinical Trial of rhBMP-2 bone graft material (CowellBMP) implant system in Korea and leads the way to the future of dental implant February 2011 Acquired Patent of rhBMP-2 Coated Dental Implant in U.S.A technology integrated with world’s first E.rh BMP-2 fusion technology. March 1994 Developed the first dental implant in Korea (Bioplant) January 2013 Spine Fusion IDE using CowellBMP was approved by MFDS December 1999 Established R&D...

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Help your daily practice superior Cowell® Implant System • Introduction - Process Flow Chart _04 - Package System _05 - SLA-SH® Surface Treatment _11 - Characteristic _ 14 • INNO Implant System™ - Submerged Implant _18 - Internal Implant _38 - External Implant _54 - Surgical Kit _66 - Narrow Implant & Surgical Kit _78 - Short Implant & Surgical Kit _85 • Mini Plus® Implant - Mini Plus® Implant & Surgical Kit _88 • Direct Surgical Stenjg108 • Trephine Kit _11Q^^^^H^HI|l|||^l • Atraumatic extraction KIT _ 113 • Direct Surgical Guide KIT _ 118 • Cowell® BMP & INNO • INNO-OSS™ _ 134 • Dia-BONE...

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1. Color classification by fixture type and external label marking CNC Machining Surface Treatment > Classification in colors by type > Reuse is prohibited after opening as the product is sterilized > After the Ampule is opened, care should be taken from dropping which may cause by incomplete fastening > Care should be taken from infection after the product is opened and Store at room temperature and in a dry place > Discard expired products Precise manufacturing process by the super-precision machines using the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Surface Treatment on the implant with...

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COWELLMEDI IMPLANT SYSTEM INNO Implant 3. Fixture packaging opening and the sequence of product extraction 1. Device Description The Cowellmedi implant system includes a variety of precision-machined fixtures manufactured from titanium. These implants are surgically inserted into a mandible (the lower jawbone) or a maxillary bone (the upper jawbone) and serve as a replacement for patient's tooth root providing a stable foundation for restoration. anatomical landmarks, occlusal conditions, periodontal status, and adequacy of bone. Lateral cephalometric radiographs, CT scans, and tomograms...

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4. Abutment packaging and external label marking CWM Cowellmedi Co., Ltd. The Pioneers in Dental Implant & E.rhBMP-2 Cowellmedi Co.,Ltd. 5. Surgical Kit packaging and external label marking Cemented Abutment PRODUCT TYPE SIZE REGISTRATION NO. LOT NO. DATE OF MANUFACTURE^ USE BY    £ PACKING UNIT STORAGE CONDITION INSTRUCTION : Refer to manual    MEDICAL DEVICE CAUTION : Please discard the product when package is damaged. Cowellmedi Co.,Ltd. : 48, Hakgam-daero 221beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, 617-801, Republic of Korea TEL. +82-51-312-2027~8 / LICENSE NO. : 780 D/T :...

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(Sandblast Large grit Acid etch – Super Hydrophilic) World’s first hydrophilic surface made by dry process Experience the superiority of SLA-SH ® surface Uniform micro-surface geometry, increased BIC, and improved surface wetness - Aspiring for 100% perfection with SLA-SH® > Macropore and Micropore of Titanium Oxide layer mimicking the etched enamel rod of tooth > Uniform distribution of roughness through whole length of fixture > Hydrophilic wettability by activation with neutralization and Nano/CaP Coating 1. SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) images 2. Stereo scanning electron microscopic...

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INNO Implant 5. Its safety has been proven through perfect cleaning with an automated system A. Comparison of surface element tests through X-ray diffraction B. Comparison of surface element tests (X-ray Photo-electron Spectroscopy, XPS) Unit : % > Surface treatment patterns were observed on electron microscope photographs of 5,000 magnifications for top parts of the > Sand-blasted surface conditions were observed in some of the products of A, B, and C companies due to insufficient acid etching patterns in deep parts. > Quantitative analysis of each surface element found 30% carbon, 47%...

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INNO Implant INNO Implant INNO-FIXTURE DESIGN Hex Connection Hex 2.5 standard connection – Excellent compatibility with any products in the world. An advantageous design for clinical cases such as dental extraction, immediate implant, maxillary sinus, immediate loading, and implant depth adjustment! Platform Neck > Stable engraftment of periosteum in the boundary surface of bone and implant. > Prevents possible infections around the implant. Wide and deep upper thread > Prevents the compressive necrosis of the cortical bone. > Minimizes the need for countersink drills. > Reinforces...

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INNO Implant INNO Implant ABUTMENT PROSTHETIC PROTOCOL 1. Fabrication of Screw & Cement Retained Prosthesis - Fixture Level Impression Two piece Screw Retained Abutment Two piece Cement Retained Abutment 2. Fabrication of Cement Retained Prosthesis - Abutment Level Impression One piece cemented abutment Submerged : Temporary / Meta G UCLA / Plastic UCLA Submerged : Cemented / Angulated / Milling Internal : Meta G UCLA Internal : Cemented / Angulated Internal : Solid / Shoulder / Kerator, Ball (Over Denture) External : Temporary / Meta G UCLA / Plastic Sleeve External : Cemented / Angulated...

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Submerged Implant System Flow Fixture Easy Temporary Hybrid Ti-Base Abutment Level Impression Impression Coping Transfer Post Transfer Post Fixture Level Impression Pick-up Impression Coping Plastic UCLA Hybrid Ti-Block Hybrid Ti-Base Fixture Level Impression Submerged Implant Submerged Implant INNO-SUBMERGED IMPLANT Plastic Cylinder Prosthetic Procedure IV Impression Cap Plastic Coping Abutment Level Impression 35P Kerator Analog Impression Coping Ball Analog Prosthetic Procedure V Straight Temporary Cylinder Polishing Protector

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