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WhiteStar - 1

WhiteStar Compact, easy to carry • Bleaching • Periodontology • Dentinal hypersensitivity • Bio-stimulation • Laser therapy • Aesthetic applications • Pathologies of the mucosa

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WhiteStar - 2

r Portable dental laser manufactured by Creation Medical Laser® to use: the ideal product for dental hygienists. Four simple buttons WhiteStar has been developed for the most common dental to access a wide range of pre-set treatments. applications for a wide range of professionals. Compact and robust design, easy to carry and Dental /aesthetic applications PERIODONTICS • Decontamination of teeth sulcus, periodontal pockets and bifurcations •Periimplantitis • Anti-inflammatory action against Gingivitis DESENSITIZATION BIO-STIMULATION • Pre/post-surgery and Pre-implantation LASER THERAPY...

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