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CryoAction Cryotherapy Chamber brochure - 7 Pages

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CryoAction Cryotherapy Chamber brochure

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CryoAction Limited CryoAction Limited BENEFITS Cryotherapy has a range of benefits to meet the needs of a wide and varied audience. Meeting the needs of elite athletes through to sufferers of chronic illnesses, cryotherapy offers an amazing array of performance & restorative results. BEAUTY • anti ageing • increases collagen production. • brighter and healthier skin • skin firming and tightening • reduces fine lines and wrinkles WELLNESS • biohacking - release of endorphins • cardiovascular health • increases lymph drainage • wakes up your immune system WEIGHT LOSS • chronic pain relief •...

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CryoAction Limited CryoAction Limited Products A comprehensive, unique portfolio of whole body cryotherapy products, developed with your business in mind. The products developed by CryoAction are the result of hundreds of installations of cryotherapy equipment and an understanding of the methods used by our clients. When designing these products, consideration was given to integrating the product into the working practices of the client and not forcing the client to adapt their ways. Safety is also a primary consideration with CryoAction products as the...

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CryoAction Limited CryoAction Limited Business model A comprehensive, unique portfolio of whole body cryotherapy products, developed with your business in mind. CryoAction offers a comprehensive range of services to help guide our customers through the process of acquiring, installing and leveraging their cryotherapy system. CryoAction's unique Treatment Wheel™ provides for a comprehensive range of treatments to meet the varying needs of our customers and their clients. The treatments are based upon our extensive experience in cryotherapy and provide...

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CryoAction Limited CryoAction Limited Our Services The team behind CryoAction has been assembled with a common A product is only as good as the backup services our customers receive. That is why CryoAction offers a unique range of support services, unlike our competitors. interest in developing the best cryotherapy products on the market today. Combining experiences of collaborating on developments such as Hadron Collider, high-end manufacturing with over 100 installations of cryotherapy equipment, the team has a unique set of skills that others cannot replicate. With a focus upon high...

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CryoAction Limited CryoAction Limited With more installations in the UK than any other provider and trusted by organisations from Premier League football clubs, hotels, spas and gyms, CryoAction has a reputation that others aspire to achieve. With a commitment to cryotherapy, CryoAction has invested heavily in research & development, manufacturing facilities and highly experienced personnel to meet the highest ideals and standards to benefit our customers: CryoAction is a specialist provider of Whole Body Cryotherapy equipment. Offering a wide range of...

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71-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom CryoAction Limited Penrhos Manor Colwyn Bay LL29 7YW United Kingdom ul. Opolska 11-19 52-010 Wroclaw

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