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Whole body cryotherapy is based on the effect of extremely low temperatures between -110 °C and -180 °C on the human body. The objective is to cause a physiological adaptive response of the body to extreme cold. As a modern rehabilitation - healing process it is applied in a wide range of indications and medical fields. The first one to test whole body cryotherapy was a Japanese professor Toshima Yamauchi in the 1970s. Later this method gradually spread to the whole world. Thanks to the presence of thermoreceptors in our skin, extremely low temperature causes an illusion of threat, to which...

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Cryofan CF-05 The analgetic effect of extremely low temperature to accelerate the regeneration of muscles and joints is ideal for use in physiotherapy, orthopedics and traumatology. Local stimulation of the affected body part immediately extends the range of movement and reduces pain, enabling full kinesiotherapy of the joints. Pain attenuation activates the patients and motivates them to exercise, which wouldn't be possible in a painful state. Studies on patients treated by this method show a reduced need for intra-articular steroid injections. In some cases cryostimulation helps to...

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Whole body cryotherapy W hole body cryotherapy is currently the most efficient and most comprehensive method of treatment and stimulation by extreme cold. Thanks to its wide spectrum of effects, it is used by medical and rehabilitation facilities around the world. Cryosauna represents an ideal ergonomic and effective solution for hospitals, orthopedic, rheumatologic or rehabilitation centers, as well as specialized cryo-centers, fitness and wellness facilities. Cryotherapy treatment Within a 2 – 3 minutes long treatment in a cryosauna, the human body is rapidly exposed to extremely low...

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Cryomed PRO is the most equipped cryosauna to deliver the best cryotherapy experience. It is the choice for facilities that are keen to provide the best service with all the modern experience and safety elements. Thanks to the aesthetic mood backlight, audio system and multimedia panel, the customer receives additional sensual experience and the possibility to listen to music or watch videos during the procedure. As for security, Cryomed PRO is equipped with an emergency stop switch on the front panel, and a system of preventing accidents in the cabin. Cryomed PRO can be easily controlled...

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MUDr. Ernest Caban Founder of cryotherapy in Slovakia, author of the book “CRYOTHERAPY” “The positive effect of cryotherapy is immediate. For ordinary people, two ten-day treatments are recommended each year. Athletes, depending on the load, already know that when their body becomes accustomed to cryotherapy, it reacts differently. After the first treatments the reaction is faster. Biochemical evidence based on studies shows how rapidly all undesirable metabolites are degraded by cryotherapy stimulation in the body. Athletes and ordinary people who use cryotherapy know how to fit it into...

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Cryomed s.r.o. Budovateľská 7 940 01 Nové Zámky Slovensko - EÚ

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