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Is the most advanced device for the analysis of the anterior segment of the eye. MS-39 combines Placido disk corneal topography, with high resolution OCT-based anterior segment tomography. The clarity of the cross-sectional images, with a 16 mm diameter, along with the many details of the cornea structure and layers revealed by the MS-39, will be appreciated by anterior segment specialists. MS-39 provides information on pachymetry, elevation, curvature and dioptric power of both corneal sufaces. In addition to anterior segment clinical diagnostics, MS-39 can be used in corneal surgery for refractive surgery planning. An IOL calculation module is also available, based on Ray-Tracing techniques, Additional tools allow MS-39 to perform accurate pupil diameter measuremets and the advanced analysis of

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MS-39 - 2

CORNEAL ABERROMETRY FEATURES OF THE PHOENIX SOFTWARE KERATOCONOUS SCREENING MS-39 includes the advanced measurement of the epithelial and stromal layer. The epithelial masking effect is known, so knowledge of its morphology is very useful assess abnormalities of the corneal surface. MS-39 uses the Phoenix software platform allowing patient data to be saved for future review and analysis, shared by all CSO devices. Aberrometric analysis offers a complete overview of the corneal aberrations. It is possible to select the contribution of the anterior, posterior or total cornea for different pupil...

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MS-39 has builtin pupillography measurement soft ware. The measurement of the pupil in scotopic (0.04 lux), mesopic (4 lux), photopic (50 lux) conditions and in dynamic mode. Knowing the center and the diameter of the pupil, is essential for many clinical procedures which seek to optimize vision quality. INTRASTROMAL RINGS On the basis of the pachymetry map and corneal altimetric data, MS-39 allows for intrastromal rings system planning, which maybe an option for the correction of refractive defects and some forms of keratoconus. GLAUCOMA SCREENING IOL CALCULATION MODULE This module is...

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TECHNICAL DATA Data transfer Power supply external power source 24 VDC In: 100-240Vac - 50/60Hz - 2A - Out: 24Vdc - 100W Power cable Dimensions (HxWxD) Chin rest movement Minimum height of the chin cup from table Working distance: LIGHT SOURCES Placido disk illumination Pupillographic illumination TOPOGRAPHY Placido disk rings Measured points 31232 (anterior surface) 25600 (posterior surface) Topographic covering Dioptric measurement range Measurement accuracy SECTION Image field Axial resolution Transversal resolution Image(s) resolution Keratoscopy (640x480) + 25 radial scans on a 16mm...

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YOUR PROFESSIONAL PARTNER SINCE 1967 Via degli Stagnacci 12/E 50018 - Scandicci - FI - Italy tel +39 055 72219 | fax +39 055 7215557 email. | web.

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