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ABI Kit - 1

PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) is a serious vascular disease that affects millions of people world wide. The ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) is the best method for screening patients for PAD. The Ankle Brachial Index or ABI compares systolic blood pressure in the arms and ankles and also provides waveforms that can be compared to normal triphasic waveforms to look for reduction in bloodflow due to atherosclerosis. Using a CW (continuous wave) Doppler provides you with the most accurate results. The chart recorder has a real-time print out for documentation and reimbursement. The Portable ABI Kit has everything you need for performing an ABI in a convenient storage/carrying case. The Portable ABI Kit can be used in primary care offices, specialist’s offices and home health, anywhere portability is needed for basic PAD screening. n Portable ABI Screening for PAD n Easy to perform n MD6 Bidirectional CW Doppler for blood flow detection n MD6VR Chart Recorder for real time print-outs n Comes complete in carrying case

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ABI Kit - 2

The Portable ABI Kit has all the instruments and accessories needed to perform an ABI: n MD6 Doppler: Detects peripheral bloodflow in the ankle and arm n MD6VR Chart Recorder: Prints real-time Doppler waveforms from the MD6 n Four Straight Segmental Blood Pressure Cuffs: One cuff for each arm and one for each ankle n S300 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: Rugged cuff inflator with a trigger release for controlled cuff bleed rate n Custom Carrying Case: Transport and store the Portable ABI Kit n Optional TBI Package: Expands the portable ABI Kit to also obtain toe pressures and toe brachial index...

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