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ANS2000 - 1

Each ANS2000 includes: The ECG Monitor/Respiration Pacer unit, Analysis Software, and accessories. The unit requires one 9 Volt Alkaline battery. It will automatically turn off 8 minutes after being started or reset. The software will notify user of a low battery. Standard ECG 3-lead configuration. 24 inch lead wires. 1 mV nominal sensitivity. Gain is automatically set when the unit turns on. Pacer Rate: Five complete respiration cycles per minute. Cable: Ten foot long 9 pin DB9 serial cable with insulated ends. 19 cm long (7.5 in.), 10 cm wide (4 in.), 3.3 cm high (1.25 in.) Computer Requirements: IBM compatible PC running Windows 95 or later operating system, with one available serial port. 1. H. Genovely and M. A. Pfeifer, RR-Variation: The Autonomic Test of Choice in Diabetes, Diab/Met Rev, Vol. 4, 255-271. D.E. Hokanson, Inc. 12840 NE 21st Place Bellevue, WA 98005 USA (425) 882-1689 or (800) 999-8251 fax (425) 881-1636 ANS2000: For R-R Interval Measurement RR-variation is a sensitive, reproducible, and non-invasive autonomic test. It is simple to perform and easy for both the operator and the subject.1

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ANS2000 - 2

Data from the RR-Variation and Valsalva tests is easy to view and edit on screen. Data is analyzed by the ANS Reader software. ANS2000 performs two simple tests of cardiac autonomic nervous function: All ECG data is displayed and the user can scroll through the complete test to view each heart beat. If an R-wave was missed by the Reader software the user can insert a mark at the appropriate point. Alternatively, if the software mistakes an irregular signal as an R-wave, the mark can be deleted. A histogram of R-R Intervals and an Automatic Find feature makes it easy to find and edit unusual...

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