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CVS4 Hokanson complete physiological peripheral vascular instruments Specializing in peripheral vascular technology since 1973

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CVS4 - 2

Comprehensive Reports Software Reports Demo Version Doppler Waveforms: Lower Arterial Demo Version Hokanson For demonstration purposes Room 111 111 Main St. Anytown, WA. (206) 000-0000 / Phone (206) 000-0001 / Fax Last Name: alexander Visit Date: 23-Jun-2002 INSURANCE CARRIER: Blue Cross TECH: Jane NEXT APPT.: HOSP. CHOICE: General SMOKER?: No Diagnosis: venous thrombosis is likely Demo Version Seg. Limb and VPR: Lower Arterial v 5.31 alexander , jim Visit Date/No. 23-Jun-02 / 1 Upper Thigh (R): "Normal" Upper Thigh (L): "Abnormal" Left Brachial: Right Brachial: Systolic 106 Diastolic v...

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CVS4 - 3

• Accurate results Noninvasive peripheral vascular testing • Exceptional value • Reliable, affordable technology • Outstanding quality Tests performed with GVS4 • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) • • Segmental Doppler Studies • Analog waveforms and Doppler Spectra • Pulse Volume Recordings (PVRs) • Segmental Pressures (upper and lower) • Digit and Penile Pressures and Plethysmography • Exercise Testing • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) • Venous Reflux • Maximum Venous Outflow Also available from Hokanson: DIGOM Extension • Provides connectivity to DICOM system (PACS) • Eliminates duplicate entry...

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CVS4 - 4

• Custom Instrument Cart: Pre-wired cart is designed • Flat Panel Monitor • Mini-Desktop Computer Running Windows® Operating • Cuffs included: Four SCI 0 Straight Segmental Cuffs, Six SCI 2 Straight Segmental Cuffs, Two TMC7 Transmetatarsal Cuffs, Two UPC2.5 Digit/Penile Cuffs, One CC17 Contoured Thigh Cuff, RD2 Rapid Cuff Deflator Overall Dimensions: Quality, Connectivity, Reliability • Hokanson electronic instruments have a 5 year warranty from date of delivery — the longest in our industry. Warranted against defects in parts, workmanship and performance • One year warranty on transducers...

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