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Hokanson Product Catalog Serving the Medical Community with Vascular Technology Since 1973

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About Hokanson Since 1973, D. E. Hokanson, Inc. has provided reliable noninvasive vascular diagnostic instruments of the highest quality to the medical community. We manufacture our instruments with a commitment to excellence in research, materials and workmanship. You, our customers, are a key factor in our research and development process. We invite you to contact us with feedback about your Hokanson products. Following this tradition we continue to update and add to our product line. This catalog gives a general description of each of our products. For more specific information or for...

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Our Catalog How to use this catalog okanson became a company to meet the needs of the vascular community of researchers and clinicians and now has embraced the venous and primary care practitioners. Our catalog tailors the instruments to your professional specialty: Vascular, Phlebology, Primary Care/Hospital or Research. For ease of use, we have color coded our products to your specialty and reference them using tabs on right hand pages. At the end of the catalog is a display of all of our cuffs by type and some accessories. Tests and applications If you are more comfortable thinking in...

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Our Tests & Applications Tests and Applications Doppler PPG Strain Gauge Arterial Inflow Venous Occlusion Plethysmography/Endothelial Function Venous Outflow and Venous Capacitance Cold Sensitivity Arterial Pressures & Qualitative Waveform Analysis Automatic Reactive Hyperemia continued from previous page In the chart below, all tests where a Doppler could be used to perform the test are listed first, followed by all tests that can use photo plethysmography, then all that can use pneumo plethysmography and, last, strain gauge plethysmography. Instruments are listed from simplest to most...

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Tests and Applications Instrument Doppler Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Blood Pressure in All Digits Toe Pressures Arterial Inflow Venous Occlusion Plethysmography Venous Outflow and Venous Capacitance Cold Sensitivity Arterial Pressures and Qualitative Waveform Analysis Maximum Venous Outflow Digit and Limb Pulse Volume Recording Automatic Reactive Hyperemia Strain Gauge Specialty Vascular Primary Care Research Research

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Index The following index lists the location of every occurrence for each category, instrument or accessory in the catalog.

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he CVS4 is a Complete Physiological Peripheral Vascular automated and computerized system for the vascular community. Everything you need to perform physiological studies using Doppler, photo plethysmography or pneumo plethysmography comes with this system. Included with your purchase is one day of on-site set up and instrument training. The CVS4 for noninvasive peripheral vascular testing provides: • Exceptional value • Reliable, affordable technology • Ease of operation • Outstanding quality • Accurate results CVS4 components: • Continuous Wave Doppler spectra and zero-crossing Doppler...

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The DICOM Extension Vascular — The physician can see both physiological and duplex information for the same patient on the same workstation The DICOM Extension shares data with a PACS system and creates one record viewable on all DICOM workstations; additionally the information viewed on the screen can be printed. The physician can see both physiological and duplex information for the same patient on the same workstation. The NIVP3 data is available for viewing including playback of Spectral Doppler recordings with sound, if DICOM workstation is sound enabled. This application facilitates...

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Compact & user friendly he MD35 is the Mobile physiological peripheral vascular system that is ideal for transporting the test to the patient via a van or car. You can build out the system to suit your practice including computerization. It is flexible, versatile and reliable. It is compact to meet your size constraints and can be computerized using your laptop or PC and printer. Compact size, light weight, and small footprint make it ideal to fit on a shelf in a self-contained lab, in a van or in carrying cases for grab-and-go to an office. Included is a CW bidirectional Doppler with a...

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The following options were created to meet the typical customers’ needs: Option: MD35 Procord System This system includes: 4 segmental cuffs and one contoured thigh cuff and several digit cuffs (for the basic tests) and the DS400 Aneroid sphygmomanometer and RD2 Rapid Cuff Deflator. This option takes the place of the basic MD35 instrument and includes everything in the basic MD35. Option: MD35 Procord Basic This is the basic MD35 instrument with transducers, and start-up supplies. This system is ideal for the lab with existing cuffs, or so you can choose your own custom cuff set. Option:...

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Consistent reporting Segmental Arterial & Venous Exams Software his software comes with the complete CVS4 system, and is available for the MD35 mobile unit to create consistent tests with computerized test results and reporting. NIVP3 captures, stores and prints physiologic studies of upper and lower extremity arteries and veins. There is a spectral Doppler option available for use with the MD35 Procord which includes the ability to record and playback the Doppler waveforms and associated audio. You can edit the demographic data and signs & symptoms questions to meet your practice’s needs....

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complete set of cuffs is offered in the CVS4 product line. You can purchase the optional Segmental Pressure Package or purchase specific cuffs based on your needs. Our cuffs are of the distinctive Hokanson blue with our logo on them; they offer exceptional quality, durability and fit. The following types of cuffs are applicable for tests performed by the MD35. All of these cuffs have a female Luer fitting for inflation and will work with the DS400 or TD312 with or without the MV10 Cuff selector. The Straight Segmental Cuffs are used in many exams. Choose cuff sizes according to the limb...

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