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The TBI Package adds value to the Portable ABI Kit by providing a means of performing Toe Brachial Indexes for patients who have calcified ankle/leg blood vessels, often due to diabetes. The Toe Brachial Index Package provides the instruments and accessories to facilitate a TBI for patients presenting with diabetes and PAD with calcified vessels, who have an abnormally high ABI of over 1.3. This makes it easy for a primary care physician, home health nurse or other care giver to complete the initial screening for PAD for those patients and obtain an accurate assessment of their risk before referring the patient to a vascular specialist. n Evaluation of patients with calcified vessels n Easy to perform n Uses Chart Recorder from Portable ABI Kit n Fits into Portable ABI Kit carrying case

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As shown above, the normal digit pulse is characterized by a sharp systolic upstroke that rises rapidly to a peak and then drops off more slowly toward the baseline. The down slope is curved toward the baseline and usually contains a dicrotic wave about midway between the peak and the baseline. This dicrotic wave is caused by the reflection of the arterial pulse from the periphery. TBI Package option (available with purchase of Portable ABI Kit) ■ Includes MD6RP Photo Plethysmograph and photo ■ Two UPC 2.5 Polyurethane (Latex free) Digit Cuffs Warranty: The TBI Package includes the Hokanson...

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