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Toe Pressure Kit - 1

The Toe Pressure Kit enables portable, easy to perform toe pressures for patients visiting facilities that have vascular systems without photo plethysmography. Everything fits into the convenient carrying case so the Kit can be moved from room to room to perform digit pressures as needed. The chart recorder provides documentation of the toe pressure waveform. The MD6VR Chart Recorder provides real time waveform print outs and is easy to use with simple push button controls. It operates on a rechargeable battery. For more information on the MD6 instruments see the Hokanson catalog. n Evaluation of patients with calcified vessels or who need toe pressures n Easy to perform n MD6VR Chart Recorder for real time print-outs n Comes complete in carrying case

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Toe Pressure Kit - 2

Digit systolic pressure pulse wave In the figure above note the cessation of blood flow indicated by a flat baseline. The systolic pressure is noted when the first pulse wave returns upon slow deflation of the digit cuff. ■ Includes MD6RP Photo Plethysmograph and photo transducer ■ MD6VR Chart Recorder and battery charger ■ MD6 System Carrying Case ■ Two UPC 2.5 and two UDC 1.9 Polyurethane (Latex free) Digit Cuffs ■ An interactive CD-ROM presentation, three rolls of chart paper ■ Ultraphonic coupling gel and operators manual is also included Warranty: The TBI Package includes the Hokanson...

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