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Ceram owner's manual

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Note: Do not use sharp objects when unpacking the luminaire! 1. Unpacking your Ceram luminaire The packaging includes: • Wire arrangements for attaching the luminaire to the ceiling. (Ceram 424/628: 4 pieces and Ceram 224/254: 2 pieces) • The Ceram luminaire

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2. Positioning your Ceram luminaire

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ATTACHMENT POINT ATTACHMENT POINT ATTACHMENT POINT ATTACHMENT POINT 3. Preparing the mounting of your Ceram luminaire After unpacking the luminaire use the packaging as a guide for marking the attachment points in the ceiling. • On the outside of the cardboard, there are four attachment points marked out. Punch a hole in these four points with a screwdriver or similar. • Hold the cardboard lid where you want to position the luminaire in the ceiling and mark the four points where you would like the wires to be attached and drill holes accordingly.

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Aluminum nipple 4. Mounting your Ceram 424/628 in the ceiling There are two options of mounting kits enclosed with your luminaire. Use the kit suitable to your needs and preferences.

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Ceiling attachment Aluminum nipple Wire bridge Wire bridge 4. Mounting your Ceram 254/224 in the ceiling These two options of mounting kits are enclosed with your luminaire. Use the kit suitable for your needs.

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5. Operating your Ceram luminaire The luminaire is operated by a pulling string/cord or, on special requests, by a wall switch. You also have the option to add on a dimmer device and indirect light. These functions are both optional and must be mentioned at the time of placing your order for a luminaire.

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6. Exchange of fluorescent light tubes • Ceram 224 – 2 x 24 W • Ceram 254 – 2 x 54 W • Ceram 424 – 4 x 24 W • Ceram 628 – 6 x 28 W

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On-line support http://www.d-tec.se/support • Owner’s manual • Användarmanual • Bedienungsanleitung • Mode d’emploi

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Facts: Ceram 224/254/424/628 • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving • High intensity of illumination 224: 3 500 lux/0,6 m Indirect light CDP (conical de-glaring prism) D-TEC AB Varavägen 12 SE-465 94 Nossebro Phone: +46 (0)31-969 302 Fax: +46 (0)31-966 092 E-mail: mailbox@d-tec.se www.d-tec.se

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