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A major advance in LED technology has arrived Like a magnificent bird, it spreads its glowing wings. A warm, comfortable feeling surrounds you. Clair is here. Our aim in designing Clair was to provide clinical environments with a large LED fitting that delivers maximum illumination and colour rendering. The result was so much more. Clair is a hygienic and energy-efficient fitting that emits minimal radiating heat and affords an optimal level of working light. In addition, its appearance blends into your working environment, in spite of its size. With the dynamic daylight option, you can...

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Light source: Colour temperature: Hygiene on a higher level Control everything with one button For almost all our customers, hygiene is a key factor. In an exposed environment, you need all the help you can get to avoid the spread of infections and contamination. Clair is specifically designed for this. It features a 100 % aluminium housing, and the fitting itself is enclosed so that no dirt can get in, making it hygienic and easy to clean. The accompanying remote control features a dimmer function and two quick buttons, which can be programmed to work in different modes such as viewing...

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