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D-TEC Brite - 1

Flexible and powerful LED lighting

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D-TEC Brite - 2

A clear head makes for perfect results Light flows down onto your workplace from a discreetly designed light fitting, creating scope for creativity and precision. Every day. Imagine looking forward to going to work every day. Being able to work in the best possible conditions every day. Being the best you can be. And when the working day is done you still feel good and full of energy because your brain hasn't had to waste energy on focusing your eyes. This is a light that focuses on the quality of the light that it provides. Brite brightens up your working day.

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D-TEC Brite - 3

Product Light source Brightness Colour temp. Dimensions Weight Light quality is key Brite produces a glare, shadow and flicker free light that positively flows, so you feel alert and happy. It's a light fitting in its purest form with a unique light. And because Brite lasts for around 50,000 hours, you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. Designed price tag When we designed Brite we started with the price tag. We wanted to create a light fitting that was affordable but, at the same time, world-class. The result was Brite, which is at the top of its game when it comes to light...

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