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D-TEC LED lighting for clinical environments


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LIGHTING SYSTEMS Designed. For your eyes. Product overview

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When the choice is easy, you make the right lighting decision D-TEC fittings have two things in common, outstanding light quality and eye comfort. Our products are designed for your well-being and provide you with perfect conditions for precision and creativity every day. If you work in dentistry you are probably aware of your eyes constantly switching between the bright light from the operating light and the surrounding ambient light, which is much weaker. You may not know however that this consumes your energy, but this is exactly what it does, and it gets worse with age. Add to this the...

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Light source Colour temperature Ambient lighting Sophisticated and optimal Halo combines the latest LED technology with world-class design and eye comfort. Halo is energy efficient, easy to clean and practically maintenance-free. But most important of all are its lighting ergonomics. Halo offers unique colour reproduction with a shadow and glare-free light pattern. Ambient lighting Grand and dynamic Clair is a large LED fitting for clinical environments that delivers maximum illumination and colour rendering. Clair is a hygienic, energy-efficient fitting that emits minimal radiating heat....

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For more than 25 years we have designed, developed and produced lighting for dental clinics. Lighting systems specifically designed for clinical environments. It has taught us a lot. We fill our products with technology and functionality that will be your best friend. Lighting Products that give your work the quality it deserves. Products that fill you with energy and leave you happy after a full-days' work. Handmade in Sweden. Always with a five year warranty.

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