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Light is fantastic There’s something special about light. How it affects us in ways we don’t even think about. Light can transform a scary monster into a harmless plant in an instant. It shows you the way on dark nights and it makes you sneeze on a sunny day. Light can influence the mood in a room, a building or even an entire town. Light makes us feel good, both physically and mentally - something which has been proven countless times by both scientists and companies. We are using this knowledge to develop innovative lighting that makes a difference. The fact is that well-designed lighting...

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With a striking and compact design, this is technology you do not see, but do not want to be without. Like a halo, it floats over you. Technically-speaking, LEDs are semiconductor diodes which radiate electro-luminescence, emitting light when a barrier layer is connected to electricity. Read more about Halo on the next spread. The abbreviation LED stands for ”Light Emitting Diode”. LEDs are powerful light sources, which last for a long time and use very little energy, making them an obvious choice as a light source of the future. Here at D-TEC, we use LEDs to be able to provide low-energy...

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Halo H1200 Ambient lighting Flat screen bracket as optional extra Colour reproduction as seen through a spectroscope: Regular fluorescent lighting The remote control supplied has three pre-programmed presets for different modes, such as treatment, viewing X-rays, and working with composite materials. The remote control also controls the dimmer function. Optional Flat screen bracket An illuminating choice Halo is a light unit which combines the latest LED technology with world-class design and eye-comfort. Halo is optimised for the most demanding working environments, is efficient and easy...

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Fluorescent lighting Denta Denta Fluorescent lighting in brief Maximum brightness. Maximum colour Dentists and dental care professionals all over reproduction. The units inDentaplus, our most the world use Denta and the Denta range leave nothing to systems which provide maxipopular lighting chance. Fluorescent lighting is a gas-discharge light source. Modern fluorescent lighting can use as little as a tenth of the energy used by a standard light bulb. mum lighting power and optimal colour reproRead more about Denta on the next spread. duction. Read more about Denta on the next spread. There...

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Denta/Dentaplus T5628EL/T5654ELD Ambient lighting Optimal lighting Denta/Dentaplus is D-TEC’s most popular lighting system with both maximum brightness and colour reproduction. The units are used in clinical settings all over the world. Denta is a standard model with a brightness of up to 4,000 lux, while Dentaplus is dimmable, and can vary between 280 and 5,800 lux. Denta Mid T5454EL Terminal or diffuse lighting Brightness 4,500 lux/1.2 m Light source 4 x 54 W Optional Indirect light Optional Dimmer Denta Mid is a smaller model in the Denta range, with the same great properties. Denta Mid...

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Primo/Primo Mid G6254EL/ G6224EL Terminal lighting Brilliant options Primo is the latest addition to D-TEC’s lighting solutions. Primo has been developed to provide focused and 100% correct light for terminals. It often complements our other models to provide consistent and good lighting throughout the entire working environment. Primo U G66U3ELI Terminal or diffuse lighting Brightness 3,900 lux/1.2 m Light source 4 x 54 W/2 x 24 W Optional Dimmer Optional Flat screen bracket Primo Mid has the same properties as Primo, it’s just shorter. It is perfect for placement above computer terminals,...

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Combination of LEDs and fluorescent lighting in brief Denta Hybrid A unique combination. Two worlds meet and create a powerful impact in perfect symbiosis. Read more about Denta Hybrid on the next spread. This combination creates both a calming effect thanks to the LED technology and a reduced contrast to the ambient lighting thanks to the fluorescent loop. One of the key reasons to using these two technologies together is to create perfect work lighting, as well as a more pleasant working environment where both staff and patients can feel relaxed. At D-TEC, we are unique in offering units...

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Denta Hybrid G6654ELI Ambient lighting Flat screen bracket as optional extra* A unique combination The accompanying remote control allows you to control the LED lighting in the centre of the unit. You can easily choose between different fixed colours, dim the light or select a light programme. Denta Hybrid is a pioneering lighting system involving a unique combination of fluorescent lamps and LED lighting which allows colours to change shade at a speed selected by you. It provides staff with perfect lighting for their work and a more agreeable working environment with less stress and a...

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About D-TEC At D-TEC, we have over 25 years’ experience of lighting. Our aim has always been to provide the best possible lighting conditions for the most discerning customers. For us, this means coming as close as possible to the world’s best light source – the sun. Our products are designed and manufactured to recreate natural daylight in your workplace. D-TEC is a Swedish company specialising in workplace lighting. Our aim is to provide companies, regardless of their size, with the highest quality lighting allowed by current technology. We do this with a range of products which, thanks...

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D-TEC AB Varavägen 12 SE-465 94 Nossebro, Sweden Telephone: Fax: Email:

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