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Halo owner's manual

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Note: Don´t use sharp objects when unpacking the luminaire! 1. Unpacking Your Halo Carefully open the packaging without using any sharp objects! In the packaging you will find the following items: • Wire arrangements for attaching the luminaire to the cieling. (4 pcs) • The Halo Luminaire • Driver box for mounting in ceiling • Remote Control Unit and holder

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Working countertop Parallell position. The eyes of the patient should be in line with 1/3rd of the luminaire. ! Crosswise position. The eyes of the patient should be in line with the top lightsource. Note: Driver box should be mounted only in ceiling! 2. Positioning Your Halo The height of the luminaire should be about 600 - 800mm above the working area.

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ATTACHMENT POINT 3. Preparing the mounting of Your Halo AFTER unpacking the luminaire you can use the packaging as a guide for marking the attachment points in the ceiling. • Use the front part of the packaging and punch holes with a screw- • Position the cardboard lid where you want to mount the luminaire, ^TEC mark out the cieling points and drill your holes for the attachment. LIGHTING SYSTEMS

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Ceiling attachment Cap Wire Gripper Alu nipple Wire Gripper Push to release the wire 4. Mounting Your Halo in the ceiling These items for mounting are provided with the luminaire. Use the one suitable for your needs.

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Working countertop 5. Light conditions for surgery Image of preferred light conditions for operation rooms. Caution! Fade out the lamp when working with light/curing materials. Working countertop 6. Light conditions for examination Image of preferred light conditions for examination rooms.

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• Power on/off • Increase uplight • Decrease uplight - (For use with light curing materials) • Increase downlight • Decrease downlight (Dimmed light for use when examining X-ray images) 7. Operating Your Halo with the remote control unit The Halo luminaire is equipped with a remote control for all functions. This remote control is delivered with a holder that could be mounted on a wall, table etc. LIGHTING

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Antal Artikelnr./Material Quant Article no./Material Ytbehandling / Surface treatment Modell namn/Model name Denna ritning är Motor Innovations egendom och skyddad enligt gällande lag samt får ej utan vårt medgivande kopieras, delgivas annan eller obehörigen användas. Överträdelse beivras med gällande lag. Motor Innovation 8. Halo dimensions Datum This document is the property of Motor Innovation. It must not be copied and its contents must not be imparteted to third person without our permission. Infrigement ot the above vill be prosecuted Motor Innovation Benämning/Dimension...

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On-line support: http://d-tec.se/support • Bruksanvisning • Manuel dutilisation • Bedienungsanleitung

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• Dimmer switch • Remote control E-mail: mailbox@d-tec.se

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