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LED lighting for demanding workplaces

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LIGHTING SYSTEMS Designed. For your eyes. Product overview

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Upgrade your lighting. Happy clients are a bonus. Are you often tired and sometimes end up with a headache at the end of your workday? The solution can be as simple as better lighting. Whether you run a dental practise, a beauty clinic or an advertising agency, we’re offering high-end LED lighting that deserves to stay in the spotlight. Besides improved working conditions, the choice to upgrade your lighting has a big impact on the overall impression of your company, with happier clients as a bonus.

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What if light didn’t cast any shadows? There is definitely no glare or flickering that cause eye fatigue or headaches when it comes to the sun – our oldest light source and our number one go-to for inspiration. If the sun can do it, so can we, was our motto. So we skipped those features when developing our LED range. But we didn’t stop there. We decided to remove all the shadows as well, allowing you to perform at your best without distractions. (You’re welcome). That mind set has kept us at the forefront of the lighting industry since we started in

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Let’s find your perfect match. Light up your workspace with lighting adapted to your needs. All of our LED products are ready to light up your workspace with correct colour rendering – without glare, flickering or shadows. Besides being kind to your eyes, they are also wallet- and environment friendly due to their low energy consumption. And the sealed construction makes them hygienic and close to maintenance-free. Let's meet our lighting range

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Product    Light source    Brightness Colour temperature Dimensions    Weight Product    Light source    Brightness Colour temperature Dimensions    Weight When we designed Brite we started with the price tag in order to make world-class lighting available for everyone. And now it is! Choose between Brite, Brite Mid, Brite Triton or Brite Tetron. Or why not combine them all. They are perfect for dentistry, veterinary clinics, as well as for health care and beauty treatments. They can also create a feel-good atmosphere at an office or at a printing house where colour rendered precision is...

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Light source    Brightness    Colour temperature    Dimensions    Weight Brite Mid The smallest sibling in the Brite family. Perfect for workplaces that demand a small enlightened area such as a nail salon or a desktop station. Brite Triton Are you providing beauty treatments or animal care? Brite and Brite Triton both make great choices if you're looking to upgrade your workspace. Brite Tetron Tetron is a popular choice among our health care and dental practice customers, perfect for an examination room where you might need a bigger enlightened area.

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Product    Light source    Brightness    Colour temperature    Dimensions    Weight Product    Light source    Brightness    Colour temperature    Dimensions    Weight Measuring 1530x670 mm, it's perfect for lighting up an examination room, a beauty treatment chair or a dental practise. Besides being grand, Clair comes with a dynamic daylight option. Choose an intense blue-rich light in the morning to stay alert and a warmer, softer light in the afternoon to help you wind down. That way you are preparing yourself for a better night's sleep - during your workday.

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Product    Light source    Brightness    Colour temperature Dimensions    Weight Product    Light source    Brightness    Colour temperature Dimensions    Weight Halo Say hello to Halo! Floating from the ceiling, this 1200x600 mm luminaire makes quite a statement. The combination of great design and high-end technology makes it as suitable for dental and derma clinics as it is for health care or veterinary examinations. Choose between three lighting settings adapted for treatments, for viewing X-rays and for working with medical- or dental technology. Or go with the dimming function and...

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Light source Colour temperature Cloud Cloud is our latest addition in our light range. Measuring a total of 1282x850 mm, it’s perfect for an examination room, a dental practise or a beauty clinic. The luminaire also comes with a soothing special effect function if you choose to upgrade Cloud with our colour panel. Why not go with a rainbow or an ever-changing flow of light? Perfect when examining children or patients who will benefit from a bit of a distraction.

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Say watt? Enlighten yourself. What brightness should you go for? And what about colour temperature and colour rendering? Don’t worry! With our optimized lighting range, you can allow yourself to forget all about the level of lux, Kelvin and CRI. KIND TO YOUR EYES During a typical workday, your eyes are forced to change focus between a brighter operational light and the surrounding light over 1000 times. To avoid eye strain and headaches, you can lower the contrast between the different light sources by applying a 1:5 ratio. Sounds advanced? It is, but besides designing a shadow-, glare- and...

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