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Lumera - 1

Let’s Be Clear Daavlin Phototherapy Solutions The Daavlin Lumera The Daavlin Lumera is a breakthrough in targeted phototherapy for dermatoses of the scalp and localized areas of the body.

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Lumera - 2

The Daavlin Lumera IS SMALL, TARGETED AND POWERFUL The Daavlin Lumera delivers exceptional comfort, ease of use, and performance and enables you to control - precisely and safely - UVB light delivered through a brush or beam. • Patented optics and proprietary lamp technology ensure clinically effective light in the therapeutic UVB band. • An integrated timer and output level dial, combined with a light meter, allow you to precisely control the duration and intensity of the treatment. • Lumera activates with the start - stop hand switch or remotely by foot pedal. Lumera Brush The Lumera...

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